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  • Hey bud. I saw your questions about sm4sh falco. As a Falco main myself, I can assure you that Falco is still just as fun and stylish as ever. However, yes, he does take a lot more skill and practice to handle than in melee. Hes slower than melee but still decently fast and still has high jump height. His appearance and moveset design is a lot more unique and fluent from Foxs.
    So with that being said, yes, Mew2King was just having another hissy fit because hes not a clone of melee Fox anymore.
    Hey there. I finally got the game yesterday. Up to a round of smash sometimes? :)

    I havent been in the IRC because I was busy at univ. But I should be free the following days.

    I think I have you registered on my 3DS, or no?

    Cant remember :S
    Where did you get your profile picture from?! Where is everybody getting all this official artwork??
    They should have over a clone like Dr Mario.

    she should have been a costume.

    Like was anybody(other than you) even asking for her?
    gurl BYE

    Ridley is too fat to be in the game and he's ugly.

    I will say Mewtwo should have been in instead of Lucario, but he's sort of irreverent in the pokeman universe now.
    Just out of curiosity, were you a member of Kuribo64-Oh my god just check your old profile it is you!
    Oh...starting to remember...I was kiiiiinda an idiot...
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