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    Midwest [Aug 22, 2015] EXPosure 22 (Oak Park, IL)

    Friend told me i had to register by the 27th for brawl and here it is but i couldn't register. Was hoping I could be signed up for this as i had a blast last time. StarbasedFruit.
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    [Nov 15, 2014] Smash 101 (Oak Park, IL)

    The Naperville crew is gone at college...I thought smash was ded. Then DLA says there has been stuff and I'm super excited to see this. The fruit based on stars is totally down for this. Looking forward to some tips. B there or b [] (rectangle?)
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    Falco Matchup #10: Yoshi

    Okay sorry to necro this thread even more but i saw it and i have some more insight. After playing Hadesblade a few times in a tourney, i realized that this matchup absolutely sucks. That grab release offstage to egg is pretty much an auto kill if the player edge grabs right. (if they can buffer...
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    The Bakery - Realised I can still edit the thread title!

    Heyya - my activity on the boards is incredibly volatile but i plan to make a stay on the boards for a while. So hello bird astronauts - Just wondering if anybody could help me with this - what's your setup for a Dacus? Whenever i dacus its always incredibly uncomfortable and i usually end up...
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    The Bakery - Realised I can still edit the thread title!

    Blue Falco...forever alone :(
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    Falco Matchup #16: Ike

    Most of you guys really understand that Ike is a big deal. No matter how precise you will mess up eventually and get punIshed. One bad too many lasers is all it takes. Especially with ikes pressure...mistakes are forced out of us easier. It doesn't matter if falco gets more...
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    Polygons and whatnot (mostly polygons)

    okay i totally understand - all of you are awesome anyways for doing this for people. If anyone wants to take the challenge I would be forever greatful! My avatar request - (blue/purple) falco charging an F-Smash on a pikachu...quote - "hands off my bread!" also maybe a graffiti "SbF"...
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    Polygons and whatnot (mostly polygons)

    geist its dead which is why i came here >.<
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    Polygons and whatnot (mostly polygons)

    as much as this probably doesnt belong here...would anybody be interested in making me an avatar or signature? this section is kinda dead and i dont know where else to turn to
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    Custom Paint jobs for Nintendo products

    i have a question about the paint. how durable is it? I have sweatier hands than most people when I play smash, and i wouldn't want any paint coming off. also i would love to see more! i really have enjoy what i've seen so far and i also might be interested in one soon. I will let you know though
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    Suitable Secondaries?

    ^ DJ said it all. Word gmon. :phone:
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    Inactivity: Jigglypuff's Anime Club

    Brick I been playing emerald too :phone:
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    The Bakery - Realised I can still edit the thread title!

    If I could travel...I would be at that falco me some bread! Marlx...hands off my bread bro :phone:
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    [Nesu] It's so deserted here I could find Criminal Caterpillars. (Post here if you're cool)

    Okay my summer....bad lol...5:15 am swimming for two months. Drivers Ed for a month. My family went to Italy and Spain without me. Have to do a bunch of work ahead of time for school. My dad wants me to start studying for the act...I'm 15 and a sophomore.....good-Harry potter 7p2 dressed up like...
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    Suitable Secondaries?

    Marlx ur incredibly wrong. Just cause pika is the worst matchup doesn't make the others easy. Metagame is increasing amazingly at this point...things like pit..yoshi..many heavyweights are really not easy to play. Pit can out camp falco and can kill at rather low percents...even yoshi lives to...
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