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Recent content by Starblax

  1. Starblax

    『SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI』Protagonists Support Thread. (Nahobino Trailer!)

    Alright fellas, tomorrow's the big day. Just wanna say it's been a real treat on this ride together, here's hoping.
  2. Starblax

    Media Ultimate Siggy Icons, by N3ON

    Any chance of you doing Flynn from Shin Megami Tensei IV?
  3. Starblax

    『SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI』Protagonists Support Thread. (Nahobino Trailer!)

    I wouldn't count on Nocturne HD's localization being at the concert, but absolutely do count on SMTV being there. I wouldn't even be shocked if we got a more specific release window this week.
  4. Starblax

    『SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI』Protagonists Support Thread. (Nahobino Trailer!)

    Yeah, sorry about that lol. But this is big, or so I think. Nintendo went out of their way to add support for an ATLUS series in Smash despite the fact it was a multiplatform game, despite not giving us a spirit event for Nocturne HD and SEGA not having anything in Smash since before the 2nd...
  5. Starblax

    『SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI』Protagonists Support Thread. (Nahobino Trailer!)

    https://twitter.com/nintendeal/status/1367647627815219202?s=21 HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, WE GOT SOMETHING
  6. Starblax

    『SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI』Protagonists Support Thread. (Nahobino Trailer!)

    Was really convinced we were gonna get deconfirmed today, but it's nice seeing that we lived another day. I don't have a ton of faith in this happening, but little faith is better than no faith. Keep your heads up lads.
  7. Starblax

    『SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI』Protagonists Support Thread. (Nahobino Trailer!)

    This has been on my mind for quite some time now. What I find intriguing is that we know Sakurai has negotiated for multiple characters with one company and then they end up happening at different times, thanks to Steve and Banjo now. Jack Frost not showing up as a mii costume has me puzzled to...
  8. Starblax

    The Mascot of Despair, Monokuma Punishes the Competition!

    I recently finished every entry in this series a man, I can't believe I didn't jump on this sooner. Sign me up for the support list! Let's bring some despair into Smash.
  9. Starblax

    It's a lovely morning in Smash Bros., and you are a horrible Goose. #GooseForSmash

    oh yes, absolutely. Put me on that support list immediately.
  10. Starblax

    Adol Christin's Journey Towards Smash (Cold Steel 3 on Switch!?)

    Oh this thread exists now? Hell yeah. Sign me up for that support list. If I could get Ys music in Smash I'd die happy. Can't even imagine how good Valestein Castle could sound!
  11. Starblax

    Sol Badguy Rides the Fire!

    Here to drop my support. Getting GG music in Smash is like a wet dream. Good luck boys.
  12. Starblax

    Knight Artorias: Ascends from the Abyss (Artorias for SSBU)

    add me to that support list babyyyyyyy I hope this rumor is real just for Artorias. Would be so incredible seeing him there.
  13. Starblax

    Ready to crush some babies!- The Heavy(TF2) Support thread

    Words don't even begin to describe how badly I want this to happen. However as badly as I want him, the opposite is probably true of his chances. One day we'll get em.
  14. Starblax

    Social Hideout of the Phantom Thieves - Joker Social

    been a while since I've been on this thread sometimes I remember Joker is in smash and I just think "wow" y'know man
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