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    Tier List Speculation

    Just saw this just now ROFL but even counting from when you post it, ive been only playing marf since march last year. I wish i had years of experience. I was maining toon link until the very first smashing grounds and and only played marf for a couple of weeks prior in friendlies (Randomly...
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    Melee to P.M. What to know?

    Keyblade master at it again? I swear i should just change my tag from sora lol but its stuck D:
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    Tier List Speculation

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    Marth v Falco matchup discussion

    Who knows. But you should check out the 3.5 top players by character thread and look for marth. You can pick up a lot of things from those videos to improve!
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    Marth Video Thread

    This is a great thread lol
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    Marth Neutral Game help

    Dash dance.Bait, Capitalize on punish when baited, Down tilt to wall out their neutral space also keeping you at a safe distance with your fairs. The minute you full jump, you give up your neutral game. So try not to commit to that unless you know its an optimal option which depends on what...
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    Marth v Falco matchup discussion

    Power shielding is your friend my fellow Marth main. Practice it, Its helpful.
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    Top Players & Videos by Character v3.5

    I just took first place at Smashing grounds first 3.5 tournament last saturday! Expect to see some Marth footage!
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Marf da bess
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    Marth Video Thread

    After playing Zero at guts i agree, i definitely think its in Marth's favor or at least not totally in pits favor!!
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    Top Players & Videos by Character

    Thanks POOB and NZA
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