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Recent content by Sraigux

  1. Sraigux

    Announcement from the Legacy Team

    Are the HD dolphin textures the same ones from the HD texture project? ( https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-super-smash-bros-hd-retexture-project-v4-0-3-august-2015 ) If not, would using these textures replace any of the legacy textures or just complement them?
  2. Sraigux

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    I'm unable to get R+dpadright to get falco to SHL on dolphin. Will try to set it up on my wii. Any ideas on why its not working? It just makes the cpu stand still and the only way to get it moving again is with L+R+dpaddown
  3. Sraigux

    Lucario: d-tilt to dsmash doesn't c-stick

    Title of the bug: Lucario's downsmash can't be triggered with c-stick down after a down-tilt Version found in: 3.6 Hardware you are running: Wii Loading Method: Homebrew Launcher (Full set) Details: If u-tilt is cancelled into dsmash using cstick down, it will cancel. But downtilt to cstick down...
  4. Sraigux

    Pokemon Stadium

    I definitely think that Pokestad should be banned for competitive play. Its the longest horizontal stage and has an extremely low ceiling; if we got rid of kongo jungle because of camping, then this should aptly be banned aswell. Not to mention it has walls, that janky lip near the ledge on the...
  5. Sraigux

    New Zealand

    Also, is it just me or did the NZ smash players group dissappear off of facebook? I havent been able to access it for the last couple of days
  6. Sraigux

    New Zealand

    Yeah, I live like 2 mins away from the university of Otago. Ill be biking through the country soon. Ill give you a shout when I'm headed through christchurch if you guys are down for some smushmans.
  7. Sraigux

    New Zealand

    Hey, I just arrived in New Zealand and couldn't find a regional thread that wasn't >2 years old. Are there any smashers on the south island?
  8. Sraigux

    Melee as Art: Basketball, Execution Barriers, and Jazz

    Does this mean melee is like Jello-Pudding?
  9. Sraigux

    Have we lost our way?

    I am a voucher for free speech. Nothing shows the RAW emotions of humans like swearing and yelling and being belligerent. We show who we want to be, and I love seeing people for themselves. I noticed that matches were getting less hype, despite crazier combos, and I never noticed it was due to...
  10. Sraigux

    Project M 3.0 Released! (Changelog in post)

    PM 3.0 is a masterpiece! Thank you guys! One issue though: I don't understand why GAW's superfood was removed. It wasn't unbalanced in any way; at the most, the frequency could have been reduced so that it functioned more like Peach's stitchface/bo-omb. Especially considering how slow his fall...
  11. Sraigux


    Yoooo. Who wants to smash? I have the biggest craving and I'm willing to host. List whatever dates you're free and I will host a smashfest for whatever is convenient for the most people.
  12. Sraigux


    I'll sell Earthbound for 250$ and I have no idea what Starfox 2 should sell for because it was never released, but I'm thinking 120$; I have no idea how my brother got a copy. Also, this: http://imgur.com/GNwmm
  13. Sraigux


    So I happened to come across Earthbound and Starfox 2 for the SNES. Would anyone here be willing to buy them?
  14. Sraigux


    Who is that? Because I'm in sherwood park every second day
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