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  • Hey,
    Can you update your post that has the action IDs that I linked in the OP?

    065 Hit wall (when you run into the wall)
    067 wall jump
    084 glide

    If you ever want to get spooked, try 068. They stare at the camera..
    Hey, just to let you know, the teching code works for walls and ceilings, but not floors
    SPunit, can I request the following collision bubbles to start testing with?

    sheik ftilt, mk dair, mk up B, mk fair, pika dthrow, samus chargeshot & jiggs rest

    Also, do you supply us the with the base knockback and knockback scaling information, or are those values a multiplier?

    Really awesome work so far.
    hey, a lot has been posted today so I wanted to bring the key stuff to forefront so its not hidden.

    The teching code works great but we would like the activation changed. Right now you have to hold shield to tech and we would like it to be a one time button press to activate the x frame teching window.

    We wonder if tripping code can be reduced to 1 line.

    I think that is all we said code wise today?
    I wanted to let you know that our forum has moved to the general boards forum

    Update. We decided against buffering in the hitstun animation because it will result in buffered ADs during the tumble. I still don't know why you can AD in tumble when the current code sets a high buffer in the tumble. Makes no sense.
    , do you mind editing the current buffer code to use the hitstun animation instead of the tumble? Ideally you should have 10 buffer for both hitstun and tumble but you can buffer an AD from the tumble when you transition into the tumble which doesn't make the "no AD in tumble" code 100% effective. So I would like to try the hitstun only so that I can't AD in tumble

    That's odd. I tried it and it screwed up all the gravity and momentum codes and didn't change the animation at all. Are you sure 019 is the animation when you land on stage from an up b?
    For beta 1 of the tumble code, if its easier, you can leave out the buffer portion of the code. We are unsure if it will make a difference.

    One addition to the tumble code. Can you make it so that when your in the tumble ID, buffering is 10 frames and when you leave the tumble ID, buffer is whatever the buffer code is set to?

    -No air dodging
    -Set buffer to 10 frames (restore default when not in tumble)

    Thanks spunit.
    Hey, I was looking at your boundary vid and I noticed that the camera was really dynamic. I assume this is because of the boundaries being shorter? I'm not asking you to look into it but off the top of your head would you know if it is possible to trick the camera in thinking the boundaries were smaller than they actually are so we can keep the normal death zones while having a more dynamic camera?
    hey, just want to tell you your a lot closer with the momentum than I thought. Losing all momentum when you fall is exactly how melee worked. So there is just 2 tweaks in the code and it should be done. I listed that in my last edited post
    Don't worry about it. Its just kind of unsettling not knowing what is going on (I didn't know if you were helping, too busy, ignoring me because I was bothering you, unaware of my messages, etc.). I will say though that after finally trying out the alloys, they are too crappy to even deserve their own block, so unless you really want a nice clean character select screen with gimmick characters, I would just forget about that idea.

    On another note, someone told me that somewhere on your to-do list you have a code planned to reduce character size without messing up the voices so on my thread I have you down for working on it eventually (with a ? after). Is that true? Should I remove the ? or your entire name?

    Don't overdo yourself, I worry about you hackers doing too much work and not reaping the rewards of your labor. Have you Brawl+'d lately?
    Sorry to bother you again, and if I am bothering you please just let me know and I will stop sending you questions. I have an idea for your CSS. Why not make an "alloy" block and have the picture be either "none" or "random"? It could include all 4 alloys and just pick one at random. I don't know if you are even still pursuing your CSS hacks, but if you are, it may make it look a little cleaner.
    Hey spunit. I have a request that I already asked Alamas about, but he is busy right now. As you seem really good at finding values and what not, do you think you could keep an eye out for a way to disable ladders, and/or adjust the power of the stage hazards? I'm not asking you to go out of your way (unless you want to) just if you happen to stumble upon it while doing your hacking. Please get back to me regardless of what you decide so I can let Alamas know if you have it covered or just so I know that I shouldn't expect these codes. Good luck with your hacking (great job on the CSSs by the way).
    Sorry to bother you, but if I want to use you CSS V3 with Independent Pokemon, what else do I need turned on? Also, what about your Random Select? Again, sorry to bother you. Normally I would just test it out myself, but I don't want to mess up my Names/Music.
    hi spunit, I took a llok at the location where you found the shieldstun (1 line) code, and there were a lot of other floats.
    have you tested what those are?
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