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Recent content by Spralwers

  1. Spralwers

    What are some bad matchups for Marth? 3.6

    I don't think Marth and Fox cover each other very well in this game. That said I would switch to Fox vs: Metaknight Squirtle ZSS DK Maybes: Ike on large stages Link Puff Falcon It's not that these are bad MUs for Marth per se, but I think Fox has much better consistency, especially with...
  2. Spralwers

    Tier List Speculation

    In addition to RAR and footstool stuff he has b reverses and wavebounces. Gives him more movement options when using lasers although wavebounced lasers are quite difficult to do consistently and the penalty for messing up is scary (side B in the air). Wavebounced side B is also a good ledge...
  3. Spralwers

    Marth Matchup thread.

    So the fact of the matter is what Charizard lacks in mobility, he makes up for in less laggy start up and endlag. Because of this, Zard can actually physically threaten space, as opposed to Marth who does a lot of psychological threatening. Zard has such low endlag on his attacks that the...
  4. Spralwers

    Tier List Speculation

    It is good you bring this up. I forgot there are actually multiple ways to create tier lists. You can do the common letter grade ranking based on a scale, with the letters F-A, with C-B being average, adding S, SS, and SSS as necessary to indicate outlier characters that are absurdly powerful...
  5. Spralwers

    Tier List Speculation

    Yes. You can't get bored of Metaknight. The character has such a powerful toolkit you can experiment with him in so many ways and have many different styles that are potent in their own way. He isn't forced to play a specific certain way for top level play, and that's huge if the main concern...
  6. Spralwers

    Project M Social Thread Gold

    yo whats the song at the beginning of this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmgPZ2rXXgg
  7. Spralwers

    If some tournaments start enabling Auto L-Cancelling, how would you feel?

    I would love it. Part of why I play smash is the tech skill requirement is much less stringent than other fighters (like KoF 13) so I can focus much more on outwitting my opponent. I can play and all my opponents can play to a consistently higher level and I would enjoy it. My tech skill in...
  8. Spralwers

    Marth Social Thread

    Me and Sora actually did pretty bad this weekend relative to expectations. I got 3rd seed out of pools and went 0-2 in bracket. Sora also got 3rd seed and only won a few matches at most in bracket, but only in losers. This was the first time in a long time I traveled, played lots of Marth, and...
  9. Spralwers

    Need help with Ike

    From my experiences playing it on both sides, it's insanely volatile. One stray hit from either side leads to death so easily. Ike has huge disjoints (even bigger than Marth) he can throw out fairly quickly, like nair and bair, which lead to crazy punishes. Falcon on the other hand can invade...
  10. Spralwers

    Marth Social Thread

    Pretty much all my Marth videos are here. https://www.youtube.com/user/GameUndergroundStore/search?query=billz I traveled to a tourney in long island a bunch of weekends ago and have a Marth stream match here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzZQFin0rUc For my videos on the...
  11. Spralwers

    Floating to the Top v3.6: The Ganondorf Match Up Thread

    Thanks for advice, good for me to know ahead of time how much Ganon struggles in the neutral. Looks like there's a lot of squirtle specific stuff ganon doesn't have good answers for. Would much rather deal with Marthritis, and I can make the call based on how I see his playstyle if the Ganon to...
  12. Spralwers

    Tier List Speculation

    I've tried boost grabbing and wasn't really impressed by it, I've tried pivot grabs and it really only seemed to be good for the trololol becaue of how silly Ganon looks when he does it, but I never thought to try out boost pivot grabbing. If it makes his DD and ledge get up actually threatening...
  13. Spralwers

    Floating to the Top v3.6: The Ganondorf Match Up Thread

    Gaiz How good is Ganon vs Squirtle It's cool that I got 2nd seed at We Tech Those, but Jewchainz (seeded 3rd) is gonna body me and make me look fraudulent. Could go Marth but I've played the MU before and Marthritis can be a real pain in this MU, and I have to have a plan B in case I'm not...
  14. Spralwers

    Ganon Strategies and Gameplay Discussion.

    Reverse uair is a really nice mix up in neutral. It protects you pretty much until you land (in which case you can waveland/auto cancel), and still outreaches most approach options in the game (thanks to log legs and it's up -> down trajectory). Its weak knockback but good damage still puts on...
  15. Spralwers

    Janon social thread : Lair of the Floating Back Slapping Missile Reflecting King of Evil

    If you disable tap jump, you can empty pivot fairly easily by tilting the stick forward and diagonal, somewhere between 90 degrees (the top) and the following notch. It still requires enough precision that you need to go through the traditional process of labbing it and screwing it up in...
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