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    How do they Balance Characters?

    I believe they use elite smash data, in particular win rates. If the character has win rate of less than 50% in elite smash they are eligible for a buff. More than 50, a nerf or whatever. They can then monitor the new win rate percentage and see if it goes up or down.
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    Thoughts on Min Min matchup?

    I feel it is not a bad one for ROB. Laser out ranges her long armed attacks, and will snipe her out of the animation. Follow up by getting some gyro charge or getting aggressive. Gyro is good to short hop with then fire it down on her head from an angle over her arm attacks, which are laggy...
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    Why is ROB unpopular?

    How come ROB isn’t more popular? It seems like ROB players are few and far between, and the few I do see obviously aren’t maining him based on their skill level, just trying him for a game most likely. I checked this and he seems to be rated as “unpopular”. Not sure if those tiers are...
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    R.O.B Matchup Discussion

    One bad interaction between them for Zelda is she is constantly being sniped out of knight charge up and dins fire by ROBs laser. Also ROB dominates in the air, with most of his aerials stuffing out Zelda’s. She is also a bit light and floaty, leaving her vulnerable to being KO’d early by a...
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    The Beauty of Hyrule Temple

    And it has the best music in the entire game, of any stage by far, to top it off.
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    Is it skillful to effectively utilize stage hazards?

    Thanks for the good reply. I understand the argument against items in competitive play, because although there are skills involved such as using the item effectively, or effectively playing around it, the fact they drop in random locations at random times is fundamentally non competitive...
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    Is it skillful to effectively utilize stage hazards?

    Lately I have been going through each stage and learning the hazards in detail. I try to make note of the damage it can do, the knockback angle, what timing the hazard normally shows up, where on the stage the hazard tends to appear, and if there are any visual or audio clues warning it will...
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    EVO Online Without Smash? Opinions?

    Yea and the thing is there is such strong evidence it won't be a mess either. I just watched Naifu wars 11 and it was super hype. EVO is making a huge mistake. Also, kind of salty I won't get to see all the WiFi ROBs do work.
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    EVO Online Without Smash? Opinions?

    So every single smash tournament is being blown up and is a disaster because of disconnects and unplayable latency you are telling me? That bad huh? Guess I’m pretty lucky, that rarely if ever happenes to me and I play online all the time.
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    EVO Online Without Smash? Opinions?

    All you are doing is speculating though. Run the tournament and find out, I doubt anything you just listed would actually be a problem. Requiring competitors to have an adapter and hard line connection could help if need be. Sorry man I’m just kinda mad here was looking forward to some EVO...
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    EVO Online Without Smash? Opinions?

    It is honestly a disgusting disgrace. Do these EVO people realize we are in the middle of a pandemic slaughtering thousands of people everyday? Yet you cut Smash Bros, easily the most popular game, because a few crybabies are complaining about a minuscule amount more latency? You are...
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    7.0 Zelda Matchup Chart

    I can see that, and sympathize with it. You right, any ROB is going to zap you with his laser while you charge the knight or send the dins fire. Avoid those moves and instead be looking to reflect with B. This reflects the gyro as well. After reflecting or Rob just missing, that's the nod to...
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    7.0 Zelda Matchup Chart

    You think ROB is an impossible fight? I’ve always gone 50/50 with Zeldas and think it is a pretty fair matchup.
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    The Gyro Has No Weakness

    It works the other way. Sometimes I grab the gyro instead of attacking like I wanted to.
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    Game Modes You’d Like to See

    We really need Race to the Finish from smash 64 back with lots of new bells and whistles.
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