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Recent content by SpiderJerusalem

  1. SpiderJerusalem


    Any advice on the Fox matchup? Gonna be squaring off against a strong Fox player in my club tomorrow for a Ladder match
  2. SpiderJerusalem

    Project M 3.6 Online via Dolphin Netplay Setup + Optimization Guide

    C-stick is iffy. It goes from not being able to use left side (bairs for example) to only using left side (no uair dair or fair) and it's kinda annoying. I've reconfigured a few times but I have no idea what the problem is
  3. SpiderJerusalem

    [Aug 9, 2014] Dair To Be Great: Melee and Project M Tournament (Redmond, WA)

    Dair To Be Great is the first annual Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project M tournament, located in Redmond, Washington. Events: Melee singles Project M singles Venue: Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center 16600 NE 80th St Redmond, WA 98052 Fees: Melee Singles -- $10 Project M...
  4. SpiderJerusalem

    Critique the **** out of my Sheik

    That's all very good advice, and it helped. Teching is definitely my weakest area as of right now, and I haven't made a habit out of it yet. My ledge game needs a little work too, but I'm trying to piece it together. Thanks again!
  5. SpiderJerusalem

    Critique the **** out of my Sheik

    Yeah, I know... this was not a good match. I have no johns, I just got outplayed. I was pretty salty about it hahaha. First match I got on camera, so let me know what I can do to improve. Sorry about the quality. There was another set recorded this same night, but it was on a different phone so...
  6. SpiderJerusalem

    Smash 3DS Kirby Fighters - A Taste of Smash Bros 3DS?

    Is there a big community for Kirby Fighters?
  7. SpiderJerusalem

    Smash 3DS Kirby Fighters - A Taste of Smash Bros 3DS?

    Smash Bros is pretty much an expanded version of Kirby mechanics, that feels especially true when playing 64 or Subspace Emissary in Brawl. So it's not too surprising.
  8. SpiderJerusalem

    Rate Their Chances: GAME OVER! Join the RTC Social Group Today!

    Gematsu Leak Chance: 70% It's really looking that way for the Gematsu Leak, because so far they have been on point. Chorus Men are the only thing in that leak that could invalidate the leak. Want: 70% I don't care for Chrom or Palutena (there are other characters from their respective games I'd...
  9. SpiderJerusalem

    Megaman, Pac-Man, and Sonic = THE perfect 3rd party trifecta (PAC-MAN CONFIRMED THE DREAM IS REAL!!)

    That's my biggest issue with playable Pac-Man, although a classic Pac-Man moveset is also possible. I can definitely see the Special Flag being the only Namco representation this game gets though.
  10. SpiderJerusalem

    [May 10-11 2014] GOML Brawl/Melee Event This Weekend

    Ah, I see. Interesting idea, I hope this doesn't become the standard though because there's really nothing more exciting than seeing somebody comeback from a 2 or 3 stock lead. Although this could just be as tense. we'll see! Edit: Djent made a ninja post before I posted the above That's what...
  11. SpiderJerusalem

    [May 10-11 2014] GOML Brawl/Melee Event This Weekend

    I'm slightly worried about how this will play out. Does that mean they're going to switch to best out of 5 sets then? Cause otherwise sets will go by waaaay too fast. It makes sense in Brawl because it's a slower game, but in Melee?
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