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    Sorry Cloud

    Its not a Barbie sweetheart. Its a buster sword.
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    Advice Practicing not whiffing

    I whiff very often. It is definitely my worst habit. I'm wondering what I can do to train myself to not whiff as much. What do you do to practice not whiffing as much?
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    Why do you Main Cloud?

    i like swing big sword, makes up for my small manhood.
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    Advice How to stay cool?

    Thanks for responding. I don't think I have anger issues. I only get angry when repetitively loosing or knowing I'm not playing my best. Like rarely gotten angry with school or work. And I tend to stay away from people who would make me on edge. Looking as every loss as a learning experience...
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    Advice How to stay cool?

    I was wondering what your solutions were to not tilting. I think I have gotten a lot better at not getting as triggered as I used to. But there are still moments when I hit my leg or say some slander. For example If I loose to a Little Mac, I loose my ****. I can't handle that. I don't get mad...
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    Secondary as a Cloud main.

    I know there's a thread similar to this already, but I was wondering who you all think I should secondary as a Cloud main. I enjoy playing Fox, Wolf, the 4 Marth clones, and Ganondorf. Who should I focus on to cover my weaker match ups with Cloud? And if there is another character that I don't...
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    My cloud mu chart

    Everything looks good except I would move Snake down to -1. I can never combo or juggle him because of his grenades. A snake that knows what they are doing will easily beat a Cloud that understands there character just as well.
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    How to deal with Cloud's side B + Cloud counters?

    Probably not Ridley or any other heavies. Cloud has a really easy time juggling him. The only advantage for Ridley I can think of is it might be pretty easy for him to ledge guard Cloud. But you should try it out. Personally I have never had trouble with a Ridley while playing Cloud.
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    Stage Prefs for Cloud?

    I like battlefield the most for the platforms. Least favorite is PS2 as well.
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    I need some help fighting Wolf

    He can be juggled pretty easily. Take advantage when he is above you.
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    How to deal with Cloud's side B + Cloud counters?

    I'm pretty new and only have 600+ hours in Ultimate and very little tournament experience. So take everything I say with a grain of salt. That said this is what I know. Just shield the side-B. Wait and if he goes through with the entire move grab him, or hit him with a fast move. It has a...
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    Looking to learn

    Hi. I am relatively new to the smash scene. I am looking for people to play with and show me the ropes with smash ultimate. I already understand the basics and main Cloud/Chrom. I have been playing Smash since Melee for fun up until Smash4 came out. I was in middle school when it came out and...
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