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    Marcina Discord Community! (No more Marth Skype)

    I believe the invite in the OP has expired. If anyone needs to join the server in the future check to find invites to all the smash 4 character discords. I'll see you all there :D
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    Marcina Discord Community! (No more Marth Skype)

    It seems theres no invite in the OP as of now, so... for anyone interested in joining the Marcina discord now and in the future you can find the link to the server here just look under the smash 4 servers and you should be able to find it, tell them Sheen sent you : D
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    Moving forward

    Moving forward
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    Atlantic North Shield Breaker - A Smash 4 Local

    Hopefully me and my brother will be able to make it today. i'm looking to make regular trips to this local as its only a half an hour away from me.
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    Ace Attorney General Thread - Spirit of Justice is out! Go play it!

    Fantastic to see Ema back. My one hope is that we get a Gumshoe return. Also i watched the first episode of the anime. It was pretty good but it could definitely get better from here. Lets hope it does!
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    Official Seizon Senryaku: Marth General

    So i was hoping there would be a ongoing conversation about this when i checked the thread, but theres not. I guess ill have to be the one to bring it up. What do you all think about this new Bidou tech? I'm not good enough yet to make any definite conclusions on its usefulness and i would like...
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    Marth approach/offensive strat thread

    To be perfectly honest the only approaching i do is the occasional SH nair and fair along with some dancing blade. Marth has terrible approach game so i generally wait for them to come to me, unless I'm forced to approach. in order to approach on the ground i generally mix up my movement with...
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    Social "Time to Tip the Scales!" - Robin Social Thread

    Ive gotta say, this board seems like a bunch of fun! You all seem to have a good time around here. Hopefully ill see you all around more often! I'm planning on putting more time into my Robin as a serious secondary, what are the match ups i should read up on??
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    Social "Time to Tip the Scales!" - Robin Social Thread

    This may be placebo but i think Robins standing grab range feels different. Keep in mind Robin is only my secondary so ill leave it up to you all to find out. Either way i hope for the best. *edit* TOTALLY A PLACEBO. apologies everyone!
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    Official Seizon Senryaku: Marth General

    *wakes up and checks twitter* "Mother of God..." this was totally out of left field for me. i hope that they made some good changes this patch. i apologize for implying that there weren't going to be any more patches for smash 4 previously as that was obviously proven wrong tonight. I'm really...
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    Official Seizon Senryaku: Marth General

    Couldn't agree more. I absolutely abhor playing against Cloud. i've considered putting a bit more time into my secondary, Robin, but too many of Robins projectiles clink or lose out to clouds blade beam for it to be worth looking into the MU. Honestly i think that i just need to work the...
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    Ace Attorney General Thread - Spirit of Justice is out! Go play it!

    You guys have no idea how hard i fanboyed when Maya was confirmed. Like i was dying of happiness. If theres one thing that supremely upset me about Apollo Justice, it was the absence of Maya. Seeing her and Nick together again is going to be AMAZING. Im super hyped for AA6 but i think i'm gonna...
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    Marth/Lucina MU write ups thread

    can't agree more. I hate peach. But to keep things on topic. @BozzMac do you have a link to these google docs? Id love to see all of it and learn how deal with some of my crummier match ups. I'm a frequent offender when it comes to leaning on a secondary to handle my bad match ups.
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    1.1.4 new combos

    I got sour fair into a footstool offstage at around 10-20% just a little while ago. I haven't labbed it or anything but i will say it was hilarious. It probably isn't true and is likely dependent on poor DI but its still funny as hell.
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    Sliding Spot Dodge..?

    At a first glance this looks like a spot dodge mixed with a roll. The only problem is that the distance Marth slides here is not the same as a normal roll. If this is a legitimate tech that can be used reliably in game this is awesome but it could also just be a weird glitch that will be near...