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Recent content by SpaceFalcon

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    The B.C. Canada Thread

    edit: deleted
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    Any sheik icon replacement for zelda in the char menu?

    I'm looking for, or requesting help to replace this. Edit: I found these over the last few days, leaving it here in case anyone in need ends up here.
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    http://smashboards.com/threads/the-20xx-melee-training-hack-pack-v4-05-update-3-17-16.351221/page-142#post-21010781 Your shell script is using windows new line syntax, I had to use dos2unix to run the script under Linux. Hope you add that fix for future people.
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    Players on smashladder are oddly clingly

    I just try and play to get better, it aint necessary to say hi and have a conversation with every single player. I notice if you stay quiet and just try to play they find this offensive. Also people apoligize for playing short amount of games, whats the big deal? if you are 3 stocking someone...
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    CT MacD Obtains Position As Curse's Smash Bros Manager

    MacD just made fun of my peach when I was at my first tournament on the livestream in front of 4000 people on vgbootcamp, he kept saying everything I did wrong against my set with westballs, just cuz he was mad cause westballs beat him in pools right before I played him.
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    Modding my controller so I can win?

    Hey I'm wondering if anyone knows how to mod a controller with the ultimate hacks? I want stuff like auto fast-fall, l-cancels. I want to be able to smash DI every single frame perfectly, and pretty much just cheat as much as possible. Of course not for tournaments or anything.. just to beat...
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    g$ going for a swim

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    The B.C. Canada Thread

    aspergers/autistic ppl should be locked up
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    The B.C. Canada Thread

    Still the funniest post on smashboards. http://www.smashboards.com/threads/bbc1-results-4-30.302620/page-3#post-12644269 I die of laughter every time
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    http://www.twitch.tv/dazee_ MELEE in the HOLD 5, [MitH5] Featuring Sion, RobyExtreme, Daltsy, Meta, Dieslow, and Yakal
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