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    The 3.6 Ivysaur Video Thread

    And that's ok because my squirtle is gonna beat his ivysaur. ;)
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    The 3.6 Ivysaur Video Thread

    Yo hold up there's a playlist for burntsockz fraud ivy, yet I don't have a playlist on here? wtf is this? Seriously though, I have some 3.6 videos, but I don't have a playlist here yet lol.
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    Watching plants grow - Ivysaur video thread

    Welp, time to not get streamed in the most recent patch until whatever content I get out won't be relevant anymore.
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    Ivy 3.6 Changes

    Ivy's bair nerf is really small, and it really was necessary guys. You can still edgeguard with it, and it still functions pretty much the same, it's just now not able to single-handedly kill matchups anymore (read: jigglypuff, ness, mario, and other similar matchups are now not quite so...
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    The Teachy TV: Ivysaur Video and Critique Thread

    I was also underwhelmed by his ike at roll tier V, and I was beating him in friendlies. He struck me as having matchup knowledge at the time though, which is odd considering how poorly he handled JZ. Also @UFS TreK , your video of you facing prof pro isn't actually of you and prof, but simply...
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    Watching plants grow - Ivysaur video thread

    Dammit, I need to be recorded more. I'm not keeping up in the content at all, and I still need to show things. :( If only the venues in Iowa had functional internet.
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    Super Effective! Ivysaur match-up thread. [Updated for 3.0+]

    In brief, wolf because lasers are really really dumb. The solution is to powershield them (I find it much harder than falco's lasers for some reason), beat them with aerials, or jab them if you need a laser out of your face quickly. The more detailed version involves all of the really free...
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    Viridian City: A weekly-ish discussion about Ivysaur's Moves and More! This Week: Bair

    RAR bair is a decent approach at low percents I think, because if they don't CC it or anything, it leads into a grab or a dsmash to send the opponent offstage early. In order to play around the possible CC or shield, you should be spacing the bairs such that you land on the other side of your...
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    Weak reverse bair as a potential combo extender

    I've explored this a little, and it works really well if you can get it. I've found by replacing fair/nair/uair with reverse bair, you can send your opponent at the most horizontal angle (they DI away for combo DI), allowing you to get a different set of followups. My favorite was a reverse bair...
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    The Teachy TV: Ivysaur Video and Critique Thread

    @UFS TreK Against hbox, mach seems to have never played against a good player using a character that has the aerial mobility to cross ivysaur up. In these kinds of matchups in which you actually don't have the aerial dominance, you HAVE to stay grounded and mobile with wavedashing. Your...
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    Setups for solar beam.

    Damn @redcometchar you know your setups. The only one I can think of that you haven't mentioned is bair -> solarbeam without the edge cancel. If you bair into them with your momentum heading toward them, and they DI in (survival DI for bair), you can convert straight to a brawl b-reversed solar...
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    Ivysaur 3.6 speculation

    You get tons of time still, I can SH fair at opponents, shove down for the fastfall quickly, and still perfect waveland forward/backward.
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    The Teachy TV: Ivysaur Video and Critique Thread

    The problem with stuff like standing grab versus that fair dtilt pressure string of G&W is that you have to time grab such that you start it before he actually lands, so that the grab box comes out when G&W is recovering from L cancel lag (which is hard). Grab comes to early, you whiffed a...
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    The Teachy TV: Ivysaur Video and Critique Thread

    Against the Gdubs, you are doing some nice stuff, but there was not a single point at which I felt vine whip was correct in game 1. Instead, I think you wanted it off of down tilt, but you should go for a really quick uair sweetspot if you can (I think you could, but I might be wrong). When you...
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    Approach Options?

    Fullhop fair, wavedash in f-tilt (anti-crouch cancel, or as good as it gets anyway), wavedash in jabs, RAR bair, moonwalk bair, SH nair, fullhop fair -> falling nair shield pressure sequence. I dunno, anything involving nair is terrible against someone who crouch cancels and just shines you after.
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