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    Technical knowledge compilation (Gamecubes, controllers, TVs, recording)

    Kadano, Apologies if you already have answered this question, checked the main thread and didn't see anything specifically related. I'm a sheik main, so needle turnarounds and shield drops are both crucial to my game. I currently use a ~3 year old white controller that is perfect. It...
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    Michigan Melee Social Thread and Power Rankings @TopOfAllWorlds
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    Beachin Biweekly 16 - Circuit Event #1

    Beachin Biweekly 16 - Circuit Event #1 May 30th, 2015 The Great Escape - Howell, Michigan Melee Singles - 85 entrants 1 Ginger 2 Dope 3 tm 4 Hellsing 5 Beach MB-Smash 7 Skigh zBet 9 F&Co. | The Oak Mules Paper...
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    The Official Michigan Grime Power Rankings - last updated 2019/02/10

    +1 to Napkin Agrees to a no CG Sheik Ditto with me at BB13. Last stock game 2 on FD he gets a grab and starts chain grabbing.
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    Michigan Arcadian 2 Results [4/25/15 - Ann Arbor, MI]

    Tournament is a pretty good example of the chars that are good at mid-level. Amazing tournament! Shout outs to my entire crew for making me proud and being the homies :D Shoutouts to Skigh for almost taking it all To Butch for being a literal god, winning after barely playing last year and...
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    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    We're sheiks, we aren't eager to help Fox's beat us :P D-smash at low percents can be CC'd and wavedash --> shine --> whatever as a punish. At mid-high percents DI according to where you are on stage and the percent. Uptilt can be shield grabbed, waveshine out of shield, or shield dropped...
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    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    "If we get someone between us, both of us d-smashing on their shield is a viable option" -Armada when we teamed the first time Peach is usually the aggressor in a sheik/peach team, so you'll want to position yourself behind her and be ready to bail her out if she needs it as well as hit any...
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    Michigan Melee Social Thread and Power Rankings

    It's a freakin inactive list. Most other regions/PR's don't even have one. Ours only exists because MI has always had good players going in and out of activity & MI players want to be always be able to say "but look, if these inactives were active, we'd be stronger!" The reality is that those...
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    Big Beach House - 130 melee, 40 PM - 12/20, Howell Mi

    December 20th, 2014 Howell, Michigan Thanks to everyone that attended and made this event great! BIG THANKS to everyone in my staff and to my attendees. I seriously could not have done it without you guys. Ended up with 130 Melee, 40 PM, and 23 melee teams! Huge turnout and next time I'll be...
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    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    Agree to disagree ;) my opinions are different from playing KJH so much who rarely misses his techs. Walljump tech the first hit would have put him up really high above sheik, likely out of bair range. If not out of bair range though, the bair (strong or not) would not have had enough knockback...
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    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    Taki missed the tech twice though which makes this questionable to me. If he hits the first tech, he likely ends up in a better position than sheik does - so you just have to understand that risk you're taking and surprise the opponent. Still overalll OK because d-smash either would have been...
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    [Dec 20, 2014] The Big Beach House (Howell, Michigan)

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'm definitely going to look into it for future events.
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    [Dec 20, 2014] The Big Beach House (Howell, Michigan)

    It's going to be 16 pools of 6-10 depending on turnout. Top 2 make it into "pro" bracket, the rest go into a single elim am or 2014 bracket.
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    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    You'll have to show me how you can do this so consistently. I didn't put much practice into it, but I don't think I was doing it right. Regardless though, honestly you should not be put into that situation very often. It has been a very long time since I've needed to do this up-b, likely...
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    [Dec 20, 2014] The Big Beach House (Howell, Michigan)

    We can certainly get another stream setup - rodohk is likely going to be hard recording things to upload later to the YT channel. So we could make that a PM recording setup until 2 if we like. Although I haven't worked out the exact schedule, I would like to stream PM and likely only stream...