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Recent content by SonicNKnux

  1. SonicNKnux

    "I See All" - Palutena Video Thread

    Content is so sloooow these days~ Palutena boards still seem pretty close knit though.
  2. SonicNKnux

    Palutena's dojo

    You wanna call attention to that? ... Well, OK. Sure, I'll do anything. I laughed like a crazy motherf*cker at that spike follow-up, that's just too funny lol. Pit: "F*ck, that looked like it hurt from down he- I mean.... You all right?"
  3. SonicNKnux

    "I See All" - Palutena Video Thread

    Bruhs and guhs (lol), I know some of you have read my earlier posts about our girl's matchup potential. I saw that Smash N Splash vids were uploaded, skipped to Grand Finals, then stopped the video when the commentator said someone got beat by a Palutena. I watched the video with evil glee...
  4. SonicNKnux

    New-ish Palutena Player Here (and looking for advice)!

    Right. I'm too lazy to type lots of stuff on my Gamepad, but I just wanted to say welcome to the fold :O
  5. SonicNKnux

    Patch 1.16 Discussion - "The Witch Hunt is over"

    This features the same death string I created when Bayonetta released. Anyone want to let me know what Lucina might not have done here? It may have been that I was able to string because I started r-ABK from underneath her. I try to string again at 0:42 but when done from above she gets...
  6. SonicNKnux

    "I See All" - Palutena Video Thread

    Gueh... fricken update... I was about to upload my vs Sheik and ZSS videos... oh well. Maybe the above can help you, @Strong-Arm. Vs Fox: I love how the music stops right before the spike. Even the game knew he screwed up. Once again, it's impotant to be patient and play around Fox. After my...
  7. SonicNKnux

    "I See All" - Palutena Video Thread

    Match 1: See how Greninja tries to chase you around the stage on foot and goes for grabs? You're rolling a bit too much, use more short hops and reflects if you want to maintain some distance. Nice f-air kill though. Match 2: A little more spacing with aerials. You keep trying to go for grabs...
  8. SonicNKnux

    "I See All" - Palutena Video Thread

    Fack, I gotta upload before that new update kicks in...
  9. SonicNKnux

    Anti Bayo tips

    Well... I'm sure you know how I feel about matchup stuff. That said, All I can really offer is to not dash attack, and fight from a nice distance. B-air's pretty useful against anything Bayonetta could hope to throw out. The match largely depends on the Bayo player, and like Sonic you should...
  10. SonicNKnux

    Palutena's dojo

    Is this like a true combo thread or something? if not Dthrow>nair>uair works at early percentages, as will dthrow>fair>utilt...
  11. SonicNKnux

    Matchup Chart Project 2015 - Calling Palutena Mains!

    Just wanted to say I care, and have read your post :D Now when I read it again maybe I'll add more.
  12. SonicNKnux

    "I See All" - Palutena Video Thread

    Sheik's only getting in on Palutena one of three ways: through grabs, fairs/nairs or needles. With the decreased range on Sheik's needles this helps a lot more when fighting at range. You typically should use jab against approaches, reflect on aerials and fair and d-tilt when fighting close or...
  13. SonicNKnux

    "I See All" - Palutena Video Thread

    I'm Back~ (But where did I go?) I've been playing Pokken Tournament since it came out over a month ago (I think by now?). I main Braixen, She's both similar and different from Palutena. Pokken is not a game where you should rush in on your opponent; you can try and autopilot, but the better...
  14. SonicNKnux

    "I See All" - Palutena Video Thread

    Nice. I'm noticing a lot of players aren't using Reflect defensively. That move can be complete hell for characters who try to chase her like Greninja and Peach. I'll upload some gameplay using it.
  15. SonicNKnux


    Oh, rest assured, I ran that combo on every character multiple times, and that was only Day 3. The only way DK's getting out of that string at a low percentage is from airdodging an offensive error.
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