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    Tournament Mode [1.1.0] Community Patch Notes

    Megaman's Leaf Shield has different properties now; throwing it often hits a grounded opponent 2 times instead of just 1.
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    Pacific West [Sep 14, 2015] Mega Smash Mondays @ Bellflower (Bellflower)

    Your new Monday button-mashing mayhem meetup is HERE! Collaboratively hosted/run by Sean Chiplock (sonicmega), "Habib" Cesar, and "Champ" Tangwongkitsiri, Mega Smash Mondays is committed to bringing tournament opportunities to more local areas. Come out and have a Smashing time! ---All Events...
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    Are you a hype maker?

    Oh, I thought this thread was about being 'that guy' at tournaments who builds the hype using his own energy, which would definitely apply for me. Then again, I tend to get hype from people just because I play Megaman (who is rarely seen in a competitive front).
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    What is your least favorite character and map to play as

    Always hated Donkey Kong, always will. Having 4-5 moves that all act as Meteors felt like overkill since Melee and I never really let the grudge go.
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    Community Mega Man Combo Video?

    I wish I had my own set to provide, but every time I pull off something even remotely cool (as a character not exactly known for true combos) I forget to save the final Replay.
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    Megaman Mains - What do you feel your weakness is?

    ROB. ROB is my biggest problem right now. He has too many safe options against a close-range fighter, and has the potential to out-zone Megaman in both projectile arc and power (unless you grab his Top and hold onto it for as long as possible).
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    Advice on using tilts?

    Practice is really the answer. Go on For Glory and use the (generally low) average opponent difficulty level to give yourself plenty of chances to land/experiment with your tilts, and just get more comfortable with the inputs.
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    Should For Glory matches be ranked?

    I'd only be for them being ranked if the latency was a MINIMAL ISSUE instead of something I generally had to deal with. Input latency has a massive effect on battles against naturally fast characters (like Sonic) where prediction and pre-emptive behaviors becomes mandatory against their ability...
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    The Name Tag feature really needs to be changed in Online.

    I don't mind it. Being able to see people's tags helps me connect with them later.
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    Do you use your taunt? Why?

    I will sometimes specifically time Megaman's down taunt when I get a Star KO on For Glory to end the game, so that it looks like he "left the arena" exactly before the screen freezes. It works even more splendidly if his Win Screen pose is his 'reappearing' teleport.
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    New story mode!

    An idea involving Mewtwo having to do most of his arc by himself, but inadvertently setting up the stage for other characters to follow and/or succeed (whereas without Mewtwo's unknowing involvement they wouldn't have been able to continue) seems very fitting for the story as a whole.
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    Mega Main Man - sonicmega

    <Insert Witty Header Post Here> Hello all! I am sonicmega; some of you may know me from voice acting, some of you may know me from other things. Hopefully, most of you will come to know me as a top Megaman player. Currently the highest-ranked Megaman in SoCal as well as California, aiming to...
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    Work In Progress SWF Community Voted Tier List - 3.0 COMPLETE

    Someday I will make Megaman A/B tier. SOMEDAY. But not for now. ;_;
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    Yo dude! I think I left behind my HDMI cable at the SuperArcade venue after I said goodbye to...

    Yo dude! I think I left behind my HDMI cable at the SuperArcade venue after I said goodbye to you last night. Did you or any of the store owners happen to notice it while packing up last night?
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    Fighting to Smash the world!

    Fighting to Smash the world!
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