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  • to do ics alt grabs is all about timing ur grabs i suggest switching one of ur useless buttons but close to ur fingers to grab then just go into training and just practice on bowser (VERY EASY) or marth who is a good practice person but all u do is just grab right when the other releases the other guy once u get the timing done it will become secound nature to do it :p
    It's gonna take some time before you actually "get it" and it becomes second nature. you are going to lose a lot before you become good with sonic, that's just how it is. its too early to be discouraged. just keep on playing better people, and it wouldn't hurt to get some vids up to show to the other sonic mains so they can hep you too. take your time.
    If you are having trouble killing, you need to ask yourself:
    1: Which kill moves am i using the most?
    2: Which of Sonic's kill moves do I save for the kill, and which ones do i use for most of the match?
    3: How's my ability to edgegaurd and pressure opponents offstage?
    4: And when do i usually go for the kills

    Check the percents and situations the best sonic players will even go for kill moves. You may be going for them too early, or you may not be setting them up. dont just throw them out; try to make it so your opponent has little choices to make to counter it. doing something random gets them too somtimes :)

    go to the sonic boards and watch vids man. thats the bbest way to compare
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