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    The Mascot of Despair, Monokuma Punishes the Competition!

    Oh gosh, as much I want to see some DR stuff in Smash, I doubt we can see something like that in Smash Oh what am I saying, the sky's the limit now.
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    soliton’s Art Thread

    Merry Christmas from the GB gang!
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    Megaman Starforce (4) sequel cancelled long time ago.

    That’s really unfortunate. I missed my chance to play Starforce games through WiFi, I imagine playing a match would had been a blast.
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    Pokemon Global Link ending February 2020

    Wow, Nintendo is really wasteful with stuff like this.
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    Geno us high resolution!

    Very nice!
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    soliton’s Art Thread

    Halloween 2019 Jun as Vash the Stampede from Trigun Tougou as Chris Redfield from Resident Evil (1996) Credits in Pearl’s outfit from Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion
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    How do I beat Palu?

    Take advantage of her low reach. If you're having trouble with her nair, you need to stop being predictable with your landing. Aim for the ledge if it's impossible to land anywhere on the stage.
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    Competitive Spirit Destroyed

    You can try watching the BeefySmashDude's channel, they'll teach you neat tricks you can use to sharpen your gameplay. Another thing you can do is record replays of fights you lost and watch them, see what's stagnating your gameplay and improve from there.
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    soliton’s Art Thread

    I wasn’t sure if this was the appropriate place, but here is the place where I put all my art stuff in. Sketches, illustrations or some interesting stuff I got synthesizing in the background. Here’s something I made recently.
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    Do you have any other hobbies than just Smash?

    I like extracting assets from games through the use of emulators often. It’s interesting to see the inner workings of a user interface, especially if you major in graphic design.
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    LOL why do you still play ike

    Smash 4 is *that* way.
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    Hello y’all!

    Welcome! Best thing you can do is search if there’s any locals around your area if you’re truly wanting to be a more prominent figure around. If not, just hit up some threads and start chatting!
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    Social THE Social Thread

    I made myself a new avatar and sig, how y'all doing Also sig art is made by the awesome CosmikArts, give her your love
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    Favorite Videogame Characters

    Ryo Hazuki, I dunno there's something within him that really resonates with me. Sure, his design is basic but it's still very much appealing to me. Plus, his journey for personal growth makes you want to root for him. Did I mention he's also hot?
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    Social NintenZone Social 7.0 - Welcome Back, Folks!

    Is anyone playing the Megaman event in Dragalia Lost?
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