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Recent content by SolCalibre

  1. SolCalibre

    Trying to get faster.

    Trying to get faster.
  2. SolCalibre

    i want a name change!

    i want a name change!
  3. SolCalibre


    I think after a while of smashing, I should actually study this and get some things down. Something i've not actually tried often yet vs someone who's probably done it for ages. I'll let you know later if I agree with you.
  4. SolCalibre

    Nintendo Partners with CEO!

    I'm actually laughing at this for reasons people will understand why.
  5. SolCalibre

    Finding John (found!)

    You know the most amazing thing of an old thread? You can still try to bump it if it's still open.
  6. SolCalibre

    Official Mario Enigma Machine [1.1.1] Patch Notes

    https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/3nosza/diddy_kong_glitch_fixed_patch_out_soon/ It seems Nintendo are hot on this right now. Very surprising, we might even see another change in characters too? Also, RIP all the weekly replays.
  7. SolCalibre

    Official Mario Enigma Machine [1.1.1] Patch Notes

    There was once a problem.. Phew, glad that's sorted... But no really, Nintendo need to fix this as soon as possible.
  8. SolCalibre

    Official Mario Enigma Machine [1.1.1] Patch Notes

    There are roughly 700 people looking at this thread last time I checked and rightly so... This patch has potently changed so many things around: more attacks are safe on shield, yoshi's dair being bad (for your shield), Luigi salt, etc. And all before an international tournament. THANKS SAKURAI!
  9. SolCalibre

    Satoru Iwata Has Passed Away

    It's not that i'm crying profusely but my eyes always now seem to fill to the brim with tears and this may have been the first time i've truly felt the emotion of someone passing away. Maybe it's still sinking in, I dunno but may he rest in peace.
  10. SolCalibre

    Trying to get faster

    Trying to get faster
  11. SolCalibre

    Character Competitive Impressions

    LOL. Makes me laugh to see that.
  12. SolCalibre

    Smash 4 Ver. 1.08 Patch Thread [MOVE TO NEW THREAD]

    Can confirm that Bowser bombing foes offstage will still result a in Sudden Death still when it's 1 vs 1 stock. Though Rosalina and Yoshi have seemed to possibly survive more times than not.
  13. SolCalibre

    For the very first time, I'm starting to look up more guides for some insight and a change of pace

    For the very first time, I'm starting to look up more guides for some insight and a change of pace
  14. SolCalibre

    Social Bowser's Castle

    I really wish it had a touch more range, many times have I successfully used it... only to be barely short of range... D: God, I hate Yoshi... All of his moves like: I can do this and it will WORK! Getting the hang of just doing: Say hello to my up air, you respect me not the other way...
  15. SolCalibre

    Official Standard Custom Moveset Project Initial Release

    I dunno, i'm pretty much like this (especially on power suit samus players).
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