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  • Hey I think you're the guy I met at G6 who lives is Greensboro right? If so, I'm the guy who lives in High Point. Let me know if I have the right person haha
    Hey you doing anything for Labor Day weekend? We're having a big P:M fest in MD. It'll be my whole crew and probably Ryoko and GuruKid and some others. Just wanted to throw it out there in case you might be interested. We could probably set up a tournament too, but we're not expecting like dozens of people.
    I might play UMvC3 with you son.

    I hated to original MvC3, I was a Marvel 2 player though.

    They nerfed the damage, x-factor, and they added my favoorite character so I would be stupid to not play that ****.
    hey, can you link me to what recording setup you have on amazon or something? preferably usb connector? or just tell me what you use and if it has good quality? :o
    WD OOS whenever someone moves away from your shield and you don't need it anymore/need to move away to start moving/lasering again(basically stop unnecessary rolls lol).
    A lot of that stuff was smaller instances but it adds up. The biggest thing was work on that tech skill and nerves. I dunno if those were related or not but you messing up technically the whole set and doing weird things/being nervous game 3 cost you.

    Lol character limits for VMs is gay.
    Follow up hits/control more(mainly when you get laser control), work on sweetspotting, grab the edge if you ever can before the other Falco gets there, when someone is laying on the ground, you can just Dsmash them instead of going for a shine Bair, slow yourself down sometimes so that you focus on what the opponent is doing some(especially with multishines, that tends to not do much except get yourself killed lol), just don't get hasty with edgeguarding(seeing actions taken too quickly with a lot of that), sometimes you don't need to try to be so flashy lol(like WL'ing lasers and stuff like that) just seems like you aren't watching the opponent as much then, make sure you push your inputs deliberately so your Uairs don't come out as Fairs or something, learn to WD OOS, I don't understand using Dthrow in this matchup....be aware of how close someone is so you don't get caught out of your lasers

    do you like critiques point by point(during the match) or do you prefer general stuff?
    Yeah I watched the matches already.

    Definitely some rough patches, but overall it was pretty solid dude. Taking a match off of that guy is legit.
    hello, Im a marth player from socal. wonderin if u want to team. i havent regd for teams so i will have to do it at the door, but if you want to team with my my numbah is 818 577 3315. keep in mind i have a final soon so i wont be able to respond for a good couple of hours. Im from socal and if you know lovage he says im top 30 in socal as of now at least. but idk if I would consider myself that good. let me know :)
    oh ok i heard u go to ru newark. i know this girl up there, well we aint cool no more but thats not important... and i heard there were tourneys up there every week or somthin like that. if u can tell me anymore info just let me know i wanna try to come to one or at least find more people to play with
    Chain-ace told me to ask you for a ride to tunes bi weekly. well can you give me a ride there?
    i got back into it now thats theres pirate. its sooooo easy dude omggg u dont even know how hard it took like a year to get to 120 now kids can do it in 3 months with the new party quests, and leech and spoiled kids being greedy XDD its fun again tho
    lmfaooo i cant see u playing maple but do it. server = broa my name is ShdwRoxas

    i would host weeklies that place to smash is win lol our doubles were crazy we should 1v1
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