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Recent content by Smokey Huntz

  1. Smokey Huntz

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    hey sorry I'm trying to change the sound file for battlefield and it doesn't seem to be there anymore did all the audio files for stages get name changed? If so is there a list of those names somewhere? thanks in advance
  2. Smokey Huntz

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    hey anyone have that super dank pepe css
  3. Smokey Huntz

    The Big House 4 Results [Oct 4-5, 2014 - Romulus, MI]

    Shout outs to Markow for giving me my most deserved W of all time
  4. Smokey Huntz

    The HeeBeeJeeBeeGBs --- Looking for crew battles now!

    TSF wayyyyy stronger than this weak ass crew
  5. Smokey Huntz

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    I can't play pal versions of characters when I press R nothing happens
  6. Smokey Huntz

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    Achilles is far too Based for his own good
  7. Smokey Huntz

    Audio Hacks

    I made a bunch of Audio hacks for personal use and a friend of mine continues to complain that I haven't made them public so I'm making this thread to actually force myself to do it I'll be coming back right after my class to post the ones I've done. They are all 14 minute loops which is why I...
  8. Smokey Huntz

    fox not best character in melee

    Y'all are nutter butters Kirby doesn't have a gun and therefore cannot be better than fox
  9. Smokey Huntz

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    I'd also like a guide if that'd be easier on you
  10. Smokey Huntz

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    Can I get one of my school as well. Temple Owls this one. Thank you in advance if you take the time out to do it
  11. Smokey Huntz

    Captain falcon matchups

    We're not talking about falco's ability to combo other character though. We're talking bout Falco vs. Fox's punish game on Falcon specifically. Where as you have the chance to get away vs. Falco with good enough DI that is not the case vs fox
  12. Smokey Huntz

    Options out of Powershielding

    Dash dance or roll away because if you try to attack a good fox will beat you up for it
  13. Smokey Huntz

    CP's & bans per MU

    What kind of fox do you play (Campy, middle, Aggro super aggro) cuz all of that matters when it comes to banning
  14. Smokey Huntz

    Captain falcon matchups

    Almost all of falco's moves can be smash DI'd to the point where it'd be too difficult for him to follow up. Where as when you get hit by fox he can always follow up
  15. Smokey Huntz

    Captain falcon matchups

    On that same note when you run up and shield listen out for that "Obnoxious sound" that her grapple makes to dodge and punish her. while knee is a valid punish at lower percents I've opted to grab her back as I think I can get more percent from the follow ups
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