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  1. Smoke and smash

    SMOOSH | Somerset, NJ | 2/25/2012 | Stric, chain, dekunut, smelly cat, headeron, sns

    yo stric I stole your decoy controller. ha yea I know it's a decoy. ill be beating you with it at nanuet=).
  2. Smoke and smash

    best method for avoid falco lasers?

    Crouch and pwershield, or dash into the laser and time a powershield when the laser is inside shield range > best methods for powershielding.
  3. Smoke and smash

    The Tunes Monthlies - Canceled Indefinetely

    Aren't you that marth player?
  4. Smoke and smash

    WTF HAX - a Hax combo video (VIDEO UP)

    Music sounds superb. This is gonna be good.
  5. Smoke and smash

    me vs magus

    I don't know if magus has a problem with me puttin these matches here, but I'm in them too so I don't see why not. Me vs magus falcon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQIux72QlMI Me vs magus jiggs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfQGB98XRCA&feature=related I'll be using the Time tag in...
  6. Smoke and smash

    The Tunes Monthlies # 7 Results - 5/1/2010

    Thank you for letting me borrow your controller stricnyn3. That was chill as hell. Eggm, your yoshi is broken. Magus, your zelda ****ing does work with those bairs and fairs, nice friendlies too. Deathknight, you're definitly improving steadily, good games. Flo, friendlies were fun man; and the...
  7. Smoke and smash

    marth vs fox friendly

  8. Smoke and smash

    Notes for myself (SSBM)

    I got to "first off fox will prob be lasering you"....depends on the starting positions of each player (in fox and falcon's example) since if falcon is too close when fox lasers...it could be a really bad decision for fox. Falcon is one of the most dangerous characters to try and laser, since...
  9. Smoke and smash

    thunders alternative?

    nair the tech in place option. if you nair past the shield, you can l cancle and turn around grab from behind. if you space on the shield, you can shine after nair for shield pressure into jc grab or jc nair shines. if they roll you have time to read thier reposition.
  10. Smoke and smash

    Yugioh anyone?

    I quit after I went to Nationals in 2006. It was all about metamorphosis at the time. MoF, SS, Goats, and morph. Not to mention tsuku and chaos. TER WRECKED the meta at the time. TER+tsuku/bom was broken beyond belief. I'm glad I quit that ****ty game.
  11. Smoke and smash

    shine upsmashes and other shine stuff

    o.0 Shine wavedash grab works fine. After upthrow, look for a regrab/uptilt/upsmash without shine. If you have frame perfect dash, you can follow with upsmash at like 38 -50 percent roughly. Or just get a free bair/nair/upair if the percent is higher.
  12. Smoke and smash

    Jigglypuff for Top Tier?

    These posts are getting more intelligent as the thread progresses. Awesome topic to read and be involved in.
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