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Smoke and smash

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  • Whoa!
    Stumbled into a marajuana debate,Im all forlegalising it but now is not the time.Ill just end up ranting for hours.

    What im really here for is to ask if you got with that girl in the end?
    You have a far less chance of it being changed for you if you change your avatar. :x

    Your avatar isn't helping the issue with your name. lol
    We don't want thinks that make a parent raise an eyebrow. <_<

    It's a lot easier to see a picture of weed then words I guess.

    Double standards are pretty great. (I'm sure we have over 1000 words of weed. Haha)

    Also your name was controversial but we decided it could mean other things. :p Not just playing while blazed.
    Yes, but even then the risks are generally on a smaller proportion of society. Generally those who get addicted to something simply have an addictive personality. It's not specifically anything in the drug (such as Nicotine in cigarettes) that causes the addiction.

    I hope you realized that is exactly what I said.... It is physically impossible to overdose on weed. Also that last statement is extremely difficult to argue for either side.

    I'm actually against alcohol being legal.
    Then assume lack of knowledge, I dislike speaking about it. However cases of such incidents are not hard to research.

    I'm not against Marijuana, I'm actually for the legalization of it.

    That is only supporting my view of "don't legalize it". Also I'm against medicines for ADD because I honestly don't see it as a life ruining disorder. You don't see (AFAIK) anyone taking pills for OCD. If you did such a thing on a legal drug. What makes you think an illegal drug wouldn't do the same? And what would have happened if you crashed the car and killed someone in the process?

    (That being said, I don't know why alcohol is legal as a drink...)

    People don't die from weed, they die from the decisions they make while under the influence. (Try to overdose on weed and you'll lose the ability to even light up before you did). If you can argue strongly that drugs do not influence decisions, then yes my argument helped you.

    You can, but not while enrolled, and currently (from what I researched) you are far more limited in further choices in life by doing so.

    And if you care for said user? Self-inflicting harm may be bad for you, but it also affects those who care for you. I don't feel enough people realize this.

    The rant was showing that "pursuit of happiness" may not be taken as quite literally as you think it is.
    I can't debate in the proving grounds.... only a select few can.

    I guarantee you, I have. They did not die due to what the drug did to their body, but because of what it did to their mind. They weren't all there due to the effects of the drug.

    My point is you never know until you do it. Some people have "bad highs". My cousin had one such that he had to have myself, and 3 of his friends hold him down because he wanted to kill himself. Also not to mention the crashes when coming off the drug (such as heroine, I happen to know an ex-addict. My best friends aunt, who is currently living with him and his family so they can keep watch over her for a while).

    Drugs are far more addictive then over the counter medicines. They also have a far larger amount of people affected negatively then legal drugs. Also again, tell me what cocaine or PCP treats? I know sleeping pills help with insomnia which is a real, and terrible condition. (I should know, I am an insomniac. But I also don't take pills for it, because I don't take pills for anything unless I'd day if I didn't)

    Also you can die from everything. You can die in your sleep, you can die from a heart attack, you can die because someone ran a red light, you can die because you were at the wrong place, at the wrong time. You can die because you slipped and fell and hit your head the wrong way. The government can't honestly make everything that can kill you illegal. You'd literally have to not exist. Staying inside your house can kill you, and leaving only increases those chances.

    Ok, different comparison this time. I would personally love to not go to school, I see little purpose in it. (I can learn anything I can learn in school, online) however if I don't show up. I'm breaking the law. Is it better for my happiness? Yes. Is it better for society as a whole? Arguably not. Although it is beneficial in some ways.

    Also drug users do affect those around them, thinking that they do not means you live in a perfect world. Again, drugs such as cocaine increase aggressive behaviors.

    Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But if you truly understood why it says such, it is because the government could not promise property. It was a slightly changed point of view from John Locke's own "Life, liberty, and property". Considering we cannot promise land to everyone, we can promise them the pursuit of such land.

    It depends how you infer the statement "pursuit of happiness", as there are several arguable and "correct" ways to view it.
    I can't post in that topic, I'm a debater. :x

    They may have influence your life in positive ways. I know people who have been killed because of them. I wouldn't consider that positive.

    Also people react differently, and maybe people can have serious side-effects from taking drugs. (IIRC, Cocaine has a much larger risk of cardiac arrest)

    Yes, people are going to get it whether or not it is legal. But should that mean that we make it legal? No. Hell no. Think of it like this:

    "Child predators are going to molest children whether or not it is legal. So we should just legalize it."

    While not 100% true, neither is people getting their drugs whether legal or not. (Although that holds true for a large portion of people)
    "Oh, just throwing this out there. All drugs should be legal period. Nobody should be able to tell me what I can and cannot do to my body. As long as I don't harm others, I should be allowed to pursue my individual happiness."

    Except many of those drugs influence your brain in a way that you may not even know you are hurting others.

    I'm against Hallucinogens, and I know drugs like Cocaine tend to raise your level of violence. Haven't actually looked much into the effects of cocaine.
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