Smashing Ramen

Hello. Name's Smashing Ramen
I'm an avid Smash Bros fan, and I have been ever since I played Brawl at my cousin's house back in 2008...
From then on, I was hooked...
My go to main is :ultcorrinf:, but I also use :ultrosalina:,:ultpikachu:,:ultzelda:, and:ultsonic:

Aside from Smash, I also enjoy Pokemon, Rhythm Heaven, Mario, Mega Man, and Zelda.
February 22
Mr Sakurai's Wild Ride
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Brawl Main
Project M Main
Smash 3DS Main
Rosalina & Luma
Smash Wii U Main
Corrin [Female]
Smash Ultimate Main
Corrin (Female)


If one of these guys gets announced for DLC, I'll never ask Sakurai for anything, ever again (Click on a character, to see their support thread).

These custom icons are amazing, Check them out for yourself, right here. You're very Likely to find someone you like. Also, shout out to @Pakky, @NineS, and @NinjaSmash_414 For these amazing custom Tap Trial Girl, Reporter, Segata Sanshiro, and Amingo icons they made for me, I very much appreciate them, thanks... Also, please play Rhythm Heaven. Thanks...
I just realized I don’t own a toaster


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