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  • Jesus is Good. Jesus is Great. Jesus is Awesome. Jesus is Amazing. JESUS IS EVERYTHING GOOD!
    bmullins said the tourney starts at exactly 3:00 p.m I hope your still here, other wise you'll miss it.
    well, idk anyone on smashboards who can help, but if you're looking for how to get in when it starts, go to the bottom of the lazy blokes weekly on page 34 and click on the xat link, and you'll see a guy named Thegamer (Bmullins) he's the host.
    Hey bmullins asked me to see if you still want to participate in the lazy blokes weekly online tourney. He said you wanted to in the beginning but something came up? Anyhow the tourney begins at 3:30 p.m, in case you want to join.
    haven't seen you in the arena for a while, I thought you were gone. So what have you been up to smashguy?
    Unfortunately, I can't do that or else I'd have to do it for everyone :(

    We do have the occasional Premium contest where you can win a subscription. Or you can have some one gift it to you. But other than that, unless you buy it you'll be stuck with your current name for a while.
    You know, like how BlueZelda got his named changed to BlueXenon. I really wanna change my lame name "SmashGuy" to "Smash2Mewtwo"
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