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    help with reverse b-fish after moves

    thanks for your answer, even though it came so late I am still glad u answered haha. And yes the problem was that I didnt wait long enough before doing the input so what ended up happening is that only the back input was buffered and not down and back. Btw does nobody nowadays use smashboards...
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    help with reverse b-fish after moves

    Hello. As the title suggests, I have some difficulties reversing the bouncing fish after certain moves. The moves i am speaking of are the backair into bouncing fish conversion and f-tilt - perfect pivot up-tilt into reverse bouncing fish.(sometimes the up-tilt sends the opponents backwards.) In...
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    Official The 1.1.5 project

    yeah i got it. But there is nothing new from what I have seen
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    Q&A Ask For Advice Here: Sheik Video Critique Thread

    Alright, sorry it took so long but here are 2 games of mine that I would like to have analyzed. Thanks a lot in advance! :D -Game 1 -Game 2
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    Q&A Ask For Advice Here: Sheik Video Critique Thread

    Oh that would be really nice! :D Btw I did not know about the sheik discord. How can I get an invite?
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    Q&A Ask For Advice Here: Sheik Video Critique Thread

    Do people here still analzye gameplay? I would love to have some of my sets analyzed :)
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    The ideal patch: Sheik

    I don't even know why there would be a reason to actually nerf shiek in the current position she is right now. Yes at the hands of a top player she can be incredible but her main issues are reliable kill confirms. Rising needles to bf and weak hit Nair into bf are probably the most consistent...
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    I'm begining to frown upon Brawl's wi-fi.

    I fully agree to what u said!!
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    Project M Social Thread

    Looks awesome!
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    Hardest Boss Move To Dodge?

    The 3 wave is one of Taboo's attacks. The one u described as:" Tabuu goes to the middle and uses his wings and everything dies". In this attack he uses his wings and makes 3 ultrawaves.
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    Hardest Boss Move To Dodge?

    I think it's Rayquaza's explosion thing, where his eye shines for a brief moment and suddenly u explode. Dodging Taboo's 3 waves isn't so difficult. Just spot dodge 3 times.
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    Your Best Character in Endless Brawl

    Toon Link with 153 and DK with 205.
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    Wifi and it's Issues

    Yes. The only issue I have is lag.
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    Empty pokeballs?

    I think it's a glitch, but Ace55 could also be right. Maybe if the pokemon is already on the battlefield the same pokemon won't come out.
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    The Most Fun Stage In Brawl

    Wario Ware!!