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Recent content by sman3579

  1. sman3579

    Escape to the Surface, Octolings for Smash + splatoon 3 discussion

    I don't know if this has been said but, the Octoling amiibo's actually come out the same day (in America) as Smash Ultimate does, December 7th. This is probably merely a coincidence but you never know. What is it's a smart way for them to kill 2 bird with one stone with the amigo's by releasing...
  2. sman3579

    Are there any characters you want that nobody else wants?

    I don't think there is any character I want them to add that no one else would want. I know Mona is particularly in demand to be included in Smash but I would love to see her added.
  3. sman3579

    Elma for Smash Ultimate: Hoping for a Xenoblade X port soon…

    Well is Rex/Pyra doesn't make it in, or comes later as DLC since we don't know if Xenoblade 2 is too new of a game for them to be added with the whole development process of Smash compared to Xeno 2 and whatnot, I'd be cool with Elma making it in.
  4. sman3579

    Yea-or-Nay! 10-Characters-a-Day Poll [RESULTS ARE UP]

    Yes to King K, Dixie and Style Savvy (would be a great WTF character) No to everyone else. While I like Alm as a character, they will probably get the new FE rep from the upcoming Switch game.
  5. sman3579

    Bandana Dee, the Legend of Dee - Our Star Ally as DeeLC?! (v(- ' ' -)>↑

    After thinking about the idea some more, I’m cool with Bandana Dee being a playable character. Having a character that uses a spear would be cool, and he has been a playable character in a lot of recent games.
  6. sman3579

    Singing for Paradise Chorus Kids for Smash

    For me it's a toss up between Chorus Kids and Karate Joe. I'd be fine with either one personally. I feel like the Chorus Kids would have the potentially more unique move set though, and they are arguably more recognizable than Karate Joe. I'd take either one though, so I support.
  7. sman3579

    (LOL) TETRIS! For Smash Bros.

    The Tetris block being a playable character in Smash would be ridiculous and hilarious for sure. The moves proposed in that video did make the idea seem possible. It is still a stretch for sure but I would be opposed to the idea lol. Although I think a stage or assist trophy is far more likely.
  8. sman3579

    "Expecting another character? TOO BAD! WALUIGI TIME!" (Thread Repurposed as a Waluigi Social)

    Waluigi is my favorite Mario character, so seeing him in the game would be cool. He could represent the Mario Sports games with his moveset. And then we could get the Mario x Luigi x Wario x Waluigi match-up that we all want to see.
  9. sman3579

    Layton takes the case! The Professor Layton for Smash Ultimate support thread!

    I like the Layton games a lot. While he wouldn’t be a first choice for a new third party pick for me, (Rayman, Banjo-Kazooie) I would still like to see his character included. Seeing him use puzzle based moves would be pretty cool.
  10. sman3579

    Toy-Con Robot Levels the Playing Field! (Nintendo Labo)

    I mean if ROB can make it I don’t see why this guy can’t. Would be interesting for sure. That way we could have an old school toy-con and a new school toy-con in the game. Would be quite the potential rivalry match-up in fan fictions lmao.
  11. sman3579

    The Hawk Samurai, Takamaru Ventures For Smash Switch (Operation #TakamaruForSamSho. See Page 26 for Details)

    True on the Fire Emblem thing but at least it was a series that eventually got brought over to the U.S. As to where Murasame Castle doesn’t seem like it will be getting a sequel unless they Kid Icarus Uprising it and surprise us with a sequel. And yeah you are probably right about the Ice...
  12. sman3579

    The Hawk Samurai, Takamaru Ventures For Smash Switch (Operation #TakamaruForSamSho. See Page 26 for Details)

    Fair enough, and no problem. I don’t like being rude to people with different opinions, I always try to keep it polite or civil, so if it came off as otherwise in the beginning I apologize. I feel like those debates always are the most insightful and intellectual, when kept polite and civil. And...
  13. sman3579

    The Hawk Samurai, Takamaru Ventures For Smash Switch (Operation #TakamaruForSamSho. See Page 26 for Details)

    Sorry I posted my original post prematurely I edited it to express my full thoughts. And I’m not sayin it’s a bad thing. I’m saying me personally I’d prefer a character that more people are familiar with.
  14. sman3579

    The Hawk Samurai, Takamaru Ventures For Smash Switch (Operation #TakamaruForSamSho. See Page 26 for Details)

    Well Urban Champion was considered for Melee, but yeah for the most part I agree with this. The problem isn’t really Nintendo enthusiasts it’s the casual fans. You have to think Smash despite having a competitive scene is still first and foremost a party fighting game. There are tons of...
  15. sman3579

    The Hawk Samurai, Takamaru Ventures For Smash Switch (Operation #TakamaruForSamSho. See Page 26 for Details)

    While it is true his game got localized he is still a character that the average fan or casual fan will be unfamiliar with. Since it was so much later than the release of the NES version in Japan and the fact that some people don’t pay attention to VC games. While he may be a bit more familiar...
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