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Recent content by Sleepy Driz

  1. Sleepy Driz

    Kirby General Discussion

    My friend challenged me to a Kirby ditto money match. I don't know anything about this match up -- any advice/things I should know?
  2. Sleepy Driz

    Falco super Wavedash

    Pikachu has a super wavedash set up.
  3. Sleepy Driz

    Official Sheik Match Video Critiquing Thread

    Does anyone still look at this thread? I'm still hoping someone can take the time to critique my set.
  4. Sleepy Driz

    Discussion: How much does Sheik's existence affect the metagame?

    It's a significant component, but not the leading cause. Just look at a PAL tier list compared to NTSC tier list and you'll see that the good characters are still good and the bad characters are still bad. For the characters that Sheik can chaingrab, she still has an extremely favorable match up...
  5. Sleepy Driz

    Running Jabs, Tilts and Charged Smash Attacks w/ Inputs

    Not to mention run up down tilt as Fox... umff so juicy
  6. Sleepy Driz

    Is it ok to main a bottom tier?

    you're seriously handicapping your potential by picking a joke character, you can main who you want but just keep that in mind.
  7. Sleepy Driz

    Meta 2015 Community Tier List Voting

    I will say that I believe DK is better than Roy due to his reliable cargo throw set ups that can reliably convert a kill off a grab, but I just wanted to point out that Roy's dash dance is really good and his down tilt is amazing. His problem is just that his wet noodle aerials mean you can't...
  8. Sleepy Driz

    Melee vs. Smash Wii U? (New Player)

    The documentary focuses on the history of the competitive Melee scene; if that's what you're interested, I'd recommend picking up Melee. Smash for Wii U got rid of a lot of the problems of Brawl that the scene disliked (like random tripping for example) but it's still very much a successor to...
  9. Sleepy Driz

    Fox's Worst Matchup?

    It comes down to either Marth or Falco but I think Falco is his worst matchup because the Marth matchup depends heavily on stage (e.g. Marth wins on FD, Fox wins on Dreamland and the rest are more or less even imo) but Falco has a strong punish game on Fox on every stage.
  10. Sleepy Driz

    Fox vs. Marth matchup?

    Drill shine into grab is my favorite approach and you're bound to get some serious percent on them if you connect with the drill and follow up appropriately. If they shield the drill and spam grab, just make sure you L cancel and shine them. If it hits, then you're back to waveshine grab upthrow...
  11. Sleepy Driz

    Melee Controller Advice

    It's not really a matter of opinion if you're playing competitively. There's no reason to intentionally miss an L-cancel. Reducing the lag on your aerial attacks is objectively better than playing with increased landing lag.
  12. Sleepy Driz

    Songs You Jam Out To While You Play

    I like listening to EDM, nightcore, and indie pop while I play. Lately during tournaments, I've been listening to Madeon, Above & Beyond and The M Machine.
  13. Sleepy Driz

    Our Up smash should be more broken . . .oh wait.

    Fox color tier list... GO
  14. Sleepy Driz

    Mang0/ Fox "Swag lasers"?

    Yeah, every character can do a reverse neutral special move after you jump. It's a pretty simple technique and there's a SmashWiki article on it too.
  15. Sleepy Driz

    Wannabe Fox main looking for guidance and training routines to improve movement!

    Make sure you can shffl consistently without hitting anything, and also practice against a player 2 handicapped Bowser with damage ratio set to .5 to practice L-cancels on target. Something you can also do is steal the hand warmers before a set and tech skill drills that pros do in between...
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