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Recent content by SixSaw

  1. SixSaw

    Do you think ryu is going to be top tier

    We won't know for a while unless a top player picks him up. Haha good one. But air focus is one of the best landing options in the game?
  2. SixSaw

    Q&A Who Is Diego Umejuarez? - Ryu Q&A Thread

    The game seems to remember the direction you were facing before you started the motion. If you're facing left, to do a fireball to the right you need to input :GCR: followed by :GCD::GCDR::GCR:. Even though you can see Ryu turn around while inputting a backwards QC you will never get a reverse...
  3. SixSaw

    Which Ryu color will you use?

    Lack of brown ryu is a travesty tbh
  4. SixSaw

    Wario's Matchups - Free discussion!

    What does Wario do in neutral vs Samus. My strat in this MU atm is to try for an early percent lead and then camp it to time. Getting in on her is just so freaking hard. I feel like I'm constantly jumping to get around missiles and then her superior range and disjoint on all her aerials...
  5. SixSaw

    The Corkscrew

    Weight based knockback is weird. As for the gimping effect (aka jank supreme), I'm pretty certain it's caused by connecting with only a single hit from one of the two linking hitboxes present during the middle of the move. Which one though, I'm not sure.
  6. SixSaw

    Ha Ha Ha! The Wario Social

    Shoulder charge definitely still hits people hanging on the edge. DJ interrupt being increased means that the window to cancel a shoulder charge jump with a double jump occurs later, so you're committed to more horizontal movement when jumping from shoulder charge than you were previously.
  7. SixSaw

    Ha Ha Ha! The Wario Social

    Bite is so ****ing good now holy ****
  8. SixSaw

    Meta Competitive Smash Ruleset Discussion

    People should keep in mind when they make the argument that 2-stock games are too short to allow players to adapt that players of other fighting games make due with significantly less.
  9. SixSaw

    Q&A Mechanics & Techniques Discussion

    So is it confirmed that the whole lag-cancel item toss thing is actually exclusive to peach, diddy + the links, or can any character do it if they're holding an item?
  10. SixSaw

    Smash 4 may relie a lot on counter-picking than ever before?

    Seems like at the release of every new fighting game people say it will revolve around counterpicks. It never actually happens.
  11. SixSaw

    Q&A Mechanics & Techniques Discussion

    I thought I noticed the weird air momentum thing with Wario is some streamed matches, glad I wasn't imagining it lol. Really excited to see what uses that item-throw canceling might have.
  12. SixSaw

    New Mechanic: The Rage Effect

    Makes sense, however I'd've preferred they'd just had this mechanic work through increasing damage rather than knockback, because again I feel the relationship between a character's % and the knockback they receive (armor and other specific things aside) ought to be near-constant.
  13. SixSaw

    New Mechanic: The Rage Effect

    "Bonus knockback" is not necessarily an advantage vs low% opponents. Unless it makes the difference between killing or not, lower knockback is more conducive to comboing and building damage. I see this as condemning high percent characters whether they be ahead or behind to a hit and run...
  14. SixSaw

    New Mechanic: The Rage Effect

    And what if you are at high percent and your opponent is at low percent? Most of your combos are now less effective? Not a fan of this at all.
  15. SixSaw

    Wario's Matchups - Free discussion!

    Step number one is not picking a stage with walls. The next thing you need to know is that Ike's last flip during aether before he grabs the ledge has no active hitboxes. You can get him with anything from dtilt to a well timed sideB during this window. Practice doing that on a CPU or a friend...
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