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    Kadano's controller mods (consistent shield drops, hybrid gate &more) (list with details and prices)

    @Kiusthugs Not sure what you're asking, but to clarify, the button is easier to press when sliding your finger to it. The button is sloped but it's smaller so you don't have to lift your finger and can just slide to it like I do. You still have to release the button in the same amount of time as...
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    The Big House 4 Results [Oct 4-5, 2014 - Romulus, MI]

    100% the best tournament I've been to and arguably the hypest tournament all year. Shoutouts to everyone because you all made it the experience it was, nothing less. Special shoutouts to Juggleguy and co. for running this so well and overcoming the obstacles they faced in the process...
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    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    Can Marth sword colors be made optional in a future update?
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    626 / Pasadena Area Smash: Unleashing Your Inner Robert

    Hi I'm newb and I live in Monterey Park.
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