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    Level Up Games Tourney #2 [6.7.2014] [St. Paul, Minnesota] [Melee Singles]: 42 Entrants!

    Shoutouts to Zurg and Dembo, two of the best new players I've ever met
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    Minnesota Melee Power Rankings: Summer Season Update (April 20th-August 31st)

    cause they didn't wana put me on it QQ
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    Iowa-Joker's Monthly"WHY SO SERIOUS?"#28 Nov 22th

    yoshQ and I are considering going, gonna contact the rest of minnesota and see if we can get a carpool. Its only a few hours so its highly likely
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    Charity Smash - Nappy Didn't Suck

    Shoutouts Near: I told you that you had this tourney before it started, and nobody believed me, you surprised a lot of people with your 2nd placing today, good ****, but if I didn't have to play moe twice that would've been me in 2nd you fgt Moe: I feel like I always beat you, but when I...
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    The Last Tier War - Episode 2

    I'd actually love to do any voice for this, I'm an actor so adjusting to moods/different voices isn't really hard. Just hit me up with a message on MN smash if you need me
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    Character Reviews: Falco

    ice climbers
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    Nappy Didn't Suck - Nappy's Charity Tourney

    wifi warriors unite
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    The Top 5 Brawl [ US | CAN | MEX]

    Is dojo seriously in there over me for the ics spot? Like, I'd put myself above smoom and roller (I'm sure many others would agree) but I can see why they are there in my place because of their wins/notability. But dojo? Ridiculous
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    Minnesota Brawl Power Rankings

    two kirbys, gdlk
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    The Top 5 Brawl [ US | CAN | MEX]

    To be real, I'm a better ICS than smoom hylain or cheese
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    SMASH! Minnesota II: Avalanche - $50 Melee Pot Bonus!!!

    I'm entering melee singles at this, yes metaknight is banned from brawl singles/doubles.
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    Apex USA Brawl Crew Captain

    I vote inui
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    Iowa-Joker's Monthly"WHY SO SERIOUS?"#28 Nov 22th

    Any idea when the next one might be? I could make any date but the first week of november
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    Iowa-Joker's Monthly"WHY SO SERIOUS?"#28 Nov 22th

    XEELT does, were showing some good interest in this seeing as we'd have family housing so close to the venue