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Recent content by Sin242

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    Level Up Games Tourney #2 [6.7.2014] [St. Paul, Minnesota] [Melee Singles]: 42 Entrants!

    Shoutouts to Zurg and Dembo, two of the best new players I've ever met
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    Minnesota Melee Power Rankings: Summer Season Update (April 20th-August 31st)

    cause they didn't wana put me on it QQ
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    Iowa-Joker's Monthly"WHY SO SERIOUS?"#28 Nov 22th

    yoshQ and I are considering going, gonna contact the rest of minnesota and see if we can get a carpool. Its only a few hours so its highly likely
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    Charity Smash - Nappy Didn't Suck

    Shoutouts Near: I told you that you had this tourney before it started, and nobody believed me, you surprised a lot of people with your 2nd placing today, good ****, but if I didn't have to play moe twice that would've been me in 2nd you fgt Moe: I feel like I always beat you, but when I...
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    The Last Tier War - Episode 2

    I'd actually love to do any voice for this, I'm an actor so adjusting to moods/different voices isn't really hard. Just hit me up with a message on MN smash if you need me
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    Character Reviews: Falco

    ice climbers
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    Nappy Didn't Suck - Nappy's Charity Tourney

    wifi warriors unite
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    The Top 5 Brawl [ US | CAN | MEX]

    Is dojo seriously in there over me for the ics spot? Like, I'd put myself above smoom and roller (I'm sure many others would agree) but I can see why they are there in my place because of their wins/notability. But dojo? Ridiculous
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    Minnesota Brawl Power Rankings

    two kirbys, gdlk
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    The Top 5 Brawl [ US | CAN | MEX]

    To be real, I'm a better ICS than smoom hylain or cheese
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    SMASH! Minnesota II: Avalanche - $50 Melee Pot Bonus!!!

    I'm entering melee singles at this, yes metaknight is banned from brawl singles/doubles.
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    Apex USA Brawl Crew Captain

    I vote inui
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    Brawl Matchup Chart v2 Sonic vs. Ice Climbers - Conceded at -1/+1

    Sonic can't really attack an ice climbers at all if properly desynched, one will always be available to upair the spindash above, or just upsmash it, while they can send projectiles after sonic, forcing him to approach or at least limit stage control
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    Brawl Matchup Chart v2 Sonic vs. Ice Climbers - Conceded at -1/+1

    +1 for ics at the worst, i'd say probably +2, its still winnable but very difficult. Sonic can't really do much if he's already in the air, and pretty much any stage but FD will give us enough room to chase. He can't really effectively poke without getting punished by something OoS or a grab
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