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Recent content by Simperheve

  1. Simperheve

    SkillKeeper - TrueSkill™ Rankings Bookkeeper

    Are there any issues regarding challonge account permissions? All my tournaments past October 31st do not appear in the challonge import...
  2. Simperheve

    Europe Crusade: SmashUK Civil War

    Often it's heard in the UK that London is the best region. Often, there are arguments over which region REALLY is the best? What if I told you we're going to put everything you know about UK regions to the test? Introducing Smash UK's very own Civil War....... The first UK based, 2 day...
  3. Simperheve

    What makes Pikachu top-tier?

    Pikachu is probably a high tier instead of a top tier. Most of the points about great neutral and stuff have already been covered. One thing I would expand on is that Pikachu does have kill options, but they all come with the drawback of being situational (reliant heavily on %, rage, teching, DI...
  4. Simperheve

    thunder going through plateforms

    Thunder can travel through platforms if they are close enough to the Cloud. If you go onto Battlefield and Thunder under the left/right platforms, you will find Thunder hits the platform. On the top platform Thunder passes through it. This can also be applied to get people away from the ledge...
  5. Simperheve

    Specific Characters Match-up: Pikachu vs Lucario

    To sum the MU up in one sentence: Kill quickly, or be killed quickly It's important to know (especially in this MU) when specific kill setups come into play (Dtilt -> Jablock starts from 83%, Uthrow -> Turnaround Thunder 111%-160%) as you need to kill Lucario as quickly as possible. Fortunately...
  6. Simperheve

    SSB4 Staffordshire/Midlands

    If you're able to get to any of them, Leicester, Birmingham and Nottingham all hold Bi-weekly tournaments. I help run the Birmingham ones and we meet up every second wednesday with a bracket of around 20+ entrants. It's fine if you don't have facebook, but you should be able to see all the info...
  7. Simperheve

    Is Pikachu one of the most technical character in the game ?

    I've been toying a bit with Bidou and i'm quite enjoying it. The first direction for Quick attack is helped massively because you don't have to move the left stick from up to whatever direction you need. One thing i'm concerned about is the loss of easy up tilts. My current control setup is as...
  8. Simperheve

    Captain Falcon MU?

    I play a rather aggressive Kirby, so I usually go and butt heads with him. Forward airs are really good for stuffing out a lot of Falcon's approaches. He's a fast faller I believe so he's combo food if you get an Utilt, but wait until you've built % to use the Fthrow -> Fair combo. Also be...
  9. Simperheve

    Post your replays here!

    Most of the replay is trash and messing around, but I managed to read Captain Falcons roll getup and hit him with a Falcon punch!
  10. Simperheve

    Secondary Character

    Don't follow my advice because i've been told I picked for the wrong reason, but my Secondary is :4kirby:. From a technical perspective Kirby is easier to use and getting kills is much easier. I suffer from bracket nerves so playing a less technical character when i'm not feeling confident is a...
  11. Simperheve

    Q&A The 'Mains' Advice Thread

    I'm a very aggressive player. Is :4pikachu: the right choice for me?
  12. Simperheve

    Thunder stuff

    I've had this happen quite a few times by accident. It seems to be that if the Thunderbolt collides with you at all you get the explosion effect at the end. I'm pretty sure this happens as well if the platform on Smashville causes you to travel into your Thunder.
  13. Simperheve

    Pokkén Tournament This game isn't dead/ dying is it?

    Pokken is a great game and all, but it suffers from logistical barriers that people saw coming from a mile away. The moment they announced the multiplayer mechanism it was pretty much a given that it was going to be a nightmare to set up. In the same space you can have two Pokken setups going...
  14. Simperheve

    Europe Albion (Smash4, Melee & PM International)

    There's a nottingham event on the 25th June called Smashzilla. You can find the details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1187067847979624/ Also, you have Birmingham which isn't very far away. Birmingham has a Bi-weekly tournament, as well as two bigger events which run most months. You...
  15. Simperheve

    ESAM's Pikachu Guide Discussion

    The stuff about neutral has really helped me enhance my neutral game. I usually get complimented at tourneys for it but now it's even better!
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