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Recent content by Silvalfo

  1. Silvalfo

    Falcon changes so far:

    hey is falcon punch a kill move now?
  2. Silvalfo

    The Falcon Social

    The legion of brawl falcon is still awaiting for the optimal time to rise
  3. Silvalfo

    Changing Color Effects in Melee!

    Thanks! I was looking for this. Finally managed to get the effect I wanted.
  4. Silvalfo

    Wofl Q&A/Social

    nice, been waiting for wolf
  5. Silvalfo

    Which character do you LOVE to fight?

    I absolutely love Falcon vs Pit MU, and Meta Knight dittos.
  6. Silvalfo

    Completed Transformation Subaction Event v1.0

    I'm having so much fun with this.
  7. Silvalfo

    Q&A The Bowser Questions and Advice Thread

    Most of the tech is compiled in Pangwell's guide, unless you mean you'd like a more sophisticated, serious guide. We could make one more focused on matchups and mindgames, too.
  8. Silvalfo

    Ness vs. DK: (-3!) Matchup Discussion

    this doesn't seem to be the case for brawl What you said applies to Smash 4, but long combos, bthrow and uair early kills and DK having viable meteors do not happen in this MU in Brawl. In Brawl mechanics, DK had infinite regrabs on Ness (with a kill confirm), his bair was even more disjointed...
  9. Silvalfo

    Your favorite Bowser kills

    everytime bowser kills with a fsmash, an angel smiles
  10. Silvalfo

    Hi, I'm Gimpyfish.

    boozer cute will never die
  11. Silvalfo

    Social The Bowser Social Thread

    Went to my first Melee tournament yesterday. Won two sets before getting rekt in winners and then in losers, but it was cool to upB oos people around while it lasted.
  12. Silvalfo

    The Random Hero of Beast 6: Jibbmil

    And to think Twitch chat was bashing him for disrespect. He did what was right. He did what was just. It was perfect.
  13. Silvalfo

    Captain Falcon 1.1.4 Update Discussion

    Will there be a thread regarding how other characters' patches affect Falcon? I imagine Marth has become a lot harder of a MU now. Still, no Falcon Punch buff. Somehow it still kills later than Fsmash
  14. Silvalfo

    First Official 4BR Smash for Wii U Tier List

    first tier list that ranks falcon on a decently thought out position
  15. Silvalfo

    WiiBrawlin Sponsors Joaco!

    brawl news always make my heart race keep 'em coming
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