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  • Added. Also it is hilarious when your opponents can't dodge a fthrow to spike from Wolf. It really is pitifully hilarious.
    If I'm awake then, then sure ^^.

    Do have a form of IM client? It would be easier to organise that way should I miss it.

    Oh and venturing into basic brawl is hilarious
    I don't play it with Samus. Nor do I enjoy Wifi to an extent. However, I make exceptions for people who are generally pleasant to converse with and whatnot, so yeah, like you. Lol.

    So yeah, whenever you wish to I'd be up for it and whatnot or something or rather.
    I've seen most of your matches so far so it's all good ^^. Your Ike is very fun to watch. I should really play you on wifi sometime.
    Thank you very much :3. I hope you plan to release a combo video sometime. It would be nice to see a decent UK Ike ripping it up for once.
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