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  • Hello ShortFuse, I would like to fix the Project M launchers bugs, would you be willing to share the source code so I can do that?
    If I fix it, I will include it with Legacy TE. I figured out how to hijack the launchers update system, but it seems like you used a
    special bsdiff program to create the update patches, It fails to patch with the version of bsdiff I have been using. I admire anyone who can
    make a Homebrew application thats this great, that takes some serious coding skills! Dealing with devkitpro can be a pain...
    Thanks for all you have done for the PM community!
    Thanks again
    Shortfuse I am new to hacking and I saw your B+ modifier, I was wondering if I could have the download link to the latest version?
    Are you still updating the 1P mode thread with all the records and such?

    Can you update it and make it a little more organized? Like instead of having huge lists for each mode, just have the characters listed that have videos for them. Even if you only have like three characters under a mode that's fine, it will make it far easier to navigate through the thread. When you spot a new video you can add them, obviously.

    Would much appreciate this.
    Shortfuse, do you know how to make texture hacks? I heard there are computer editors and I have them bit how do you use them.
    Thank you so much for your work in modding the gecko and the tweaker. I've already added you to the top of my agenda crediting you with providing significant contributions to our project as you well deserve. Your awesome!

    Hey dude I seem to have your brawl friend code, but you haven't been online in months! Should I just delete it?
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