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Recent content by shongotskills

  1. shongotskills

    Clash of the Titans 5 Results - 6/25-26/11

    im not really known on a wide basis in the community but its fun seeing the people i know and love and just chillin n stuff. shoutouts to easy's crib and everyone in there. mad fun/drama lol. cant wait til apex. oh and real talk, the people who smell, you know who you are, so like i did when i...
  2. shongotskills

    Poly Brawl 5: return of the metaknight results

    im not very active, nor am i that good at this game but i still showed my face to say hi to ppl ^_^ i am SKIP btw shout outs in no order: my dude allied for half housing me and d1 two nights in a row! XD this dude, ill try to travel with you guys to WHOBO real talk if i got the money...
  3. shongotskills

    TA Presents: *Pound* V 2 DAYS !Pools Posted at www.vgbootcamp.com BRING SETUPS!!

    ahhh im upstate yo i wanna go but if i cant since ill be upstate then idk mann. it'd be awesome to travel with a fellow smasher though. inbox me!!
  4. shongotskills


    Subscribed + unnecessary HYPE! I hope i can make this
  5. shongotskills

    TA Presents: *Pound* V 2 DAYS !Pools Posted at www.vgbootcamp.com BRING SETUPS!!

    prawn is the best dancing white kid i know.
  6. shongotskills

    The Falcon Social

    i looked in the mirror a few times. apex was hella fun =]
  7. shongotskills

    The Falcon Social

    none of u nikkas was at apex. 4 shame. -__-
  8. shongotskills

    Official Apex 2010 Full Results

    they were so warm and my tipsy-ness was going away so i was getting cold lol
  9. shongotskills

    Captain Falcon Community Combo Video 2

    link to first please.
  10. shongotskills


    None of you went. For shame. I was really hoping I'd meet another one of you but didn't.:(
  11. shongotskills

    Official Apex 2010 Full Results

    very few ppl gonna leave me a shoutout cuz i didnt really tell anyone my name. lol =[ i was guy wit fro n nose ring and drunk for the first time in the hotel room. fun stuff saturday night.
  12. shongotskills

    "Insomniac" NYC's first Brawl+ crew!!! ~OFFICIAL crew thread~

    well you'll see a second time, right glick? =D
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