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  • whenever I attempt to upload it, megaupload decides to go crazy and brutally crash firefox.

    Btw, In case you haven't noticed your videos are up. Just check out my channel on youtube.
    I can try to do it for you, but its not guaranteed. My capture card is so bad xD.

    Btw your critiques are too good, keep it up.
    Hardcore CCS pics. Plus comme the one with popsicle. Er, well the one on the left she`s holding something... maybe it`s a hairbrush and I`ve got a bad imagination.
    Hey, I'm trying to get you your replays, but I'm having a bit of trouble uploading them. I haven't forgotten.
    Ok, they both have 1 frame disadvantage, like pit. You aren't gonna get dtilt on anyone in all likelyhood.
    Who do you want to know? I'm not gonna test everyone.

    It certainly doesn't work on pit. Pit is able to shield immediately after ROB (1 frame difference, your dtilt hits on 3)
    I did a prelim on marth. I'll get the data within 10 minutes for rob's dtilt and regrab

    You have a 7 frame window on ness. You have 29 frames of lag as rob, Ness has 40 frames of lag, and the dtilt hits on frame 3.
    I tested Marth's release on lucas. It puts marth in 29 frames of lag and lucas and ness in 41 frames each. He always gets a free grab on them.
    Yeah I'd totally be down, always nice to meet more people from the smash community. All my housemates still think it's weird whenever I say "no johns".
    Freshman in college at RU lawl. Bridgewater Mall is the most boring mall in the world, dude
    Shield is frame 1, grab release is not neutral advantage, and I'm gonna do the ROB data within the next 2 days (meaning I'll give it to you tomorrow).

    should have them finished by tomorrow. Sorry, but the tournament stuff(and I have A LOT of it) take priority.
    Glad you told me that. I started grabbing some that weren't yours at all.
    one last thing - you are the black pit in the replays, correct? I don't want to end up giving you someone else's replays mixed in with your own.
    Yes, I am still up for recording replays. How do you wish to send them?

    and as for my dragonball z joke, don't ask.

    So my ROB isn't good yet? D:

    I'm still not a very experienced player. I have the skill and knowledge, just need to develop the experience.
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