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Recent content by ShinsuYavi

  1. ShinsuYavi

    Hungrybox wins Battle of the Five Gods -- Full Results and Payouts

    What a bittersweet tournament. Hungrybox finally takes his US major in an intense top 3 showdown. Wobbles gives it his all for his home state as the last mortal in the tournament, finishing at a stunning 4th place. But we saw PPMD's health drag him in pools, and M2K fail to overcome himself...
  2. ShinsuYavi

    Lilac gets Smashified!

    Woah. I consider pixel art -> high resolution transformation to be difficult to pull off, but this was extremely well done! Looks and feels like official art!
  3. ShinsuYavi

    Completed Stage Striking (Invisible Struck Stages)

    Oh that is beautiful. Love seeing the background instead of white boxes that blind the eyes. Also never really noticed the background art. It looks rather chaotic, wouldn't be out of place on a wall in a subway.
  4. ShinsuYavi

    Midwest [Oct 2, 2015] The Big House 5 (Dearborn, MI)

    Double-elimination bracket all the way throughout. You can see your pool bracket on smash.gg.
  5. ShinsuYavi

    Midwest [Oct 2, 2015] The Big House 5 (Dearborn, MI)

    Juggleguy presented his reasoning in this MIOM blog post.
  6. ShinsuYavi

    20XX CSTAT Edition - Texas A&M Texture Mod Released!

    Wow, that is impressive. I know next to nothing about Texas A&M, but I can feel their pride and passion in that sweet, sweet auburn menu shading and character colors. Very well done. ... Anybody up for doing one for U of M? :P
  7. ShinsuYavi

    Midwest [Oct 2, 2015] The Big House 5 (Dearborn, MI)

    Big House 4 was a truly amazing experience. I can't imagine how much better Big House 5 will be! Here's to the most exciting tournament of the year! I hope I can make some dent in the pools this time.
  8. ShinsuYavi

    [Jun 13, 2015] Stock of Champions (Ann Arbor, MI)

    Japanese style class brackets? Very interesting! Looking forward to being grouped with similar level players and seeing how the tournament goes with the fresh format! And of course, the more we're able to play, the better. :) How will the doubles registration work? Is there a 「Random Partner」...
  9. ShinsuYavi

    Midwest [Aug 19, 2015] UM Biweeklies Summer 2015 (Ann Arbor, MI)

    By the way, the parking lot at the end of the drop-off driveway (Thompson Street Parking Structure) is free to use after 18:00! It's also the closest parking lot to the Union - a mere 1 minute walk away from the drop-off entrance - so totally park in there for the summer (bi)weeklies! Make sure...
  10. ShinsuYavi

    It Is Upon Us: New Details On 20XX Tournament Edition Announced

    AT LAST!!! A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN!!!! Ever since I saw the Proof of Concept video, I could only imagine how wonderful it would be if such a thing were possible, but it is actually here!! It's a reality!! A Melee mod as prestigious as 20XX able to run on vanilla Gamecubes with only built-in Memory...
  11. ShinsuYavi

    Midwest [Apr 4, 2015] SWEET XX: A Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament feat. Westballz! (East Lansing, MI)

    Juggleguy, what happened to that "first x to register gets cool medals" thing from a while back? :P
  12. ShinsuYavi

    Midwest [Apr 4, 2015] SWEET XX: A Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament feat. Westballz! (East Lansing, MI)

    Whew, almost missed registration. Wouldn't want to miss the tournament that marks my one year anniversary in competitive smash Oh wait that is actually in May, haha! Regsrdless, looking forward to it!!!
  13. ShinsuYavi

    SWEET Prologue Results [January 3-4, 2015 - Ann Arbor, MI] feat. KirbyKaze, HugS, Duck, Frootloop

    This was yet another great tournament!!! Had a lot of fun and managed to advance from pools into bracket for the first time!! Woohoo~~~! \o/ It was in part due to smaller pools and a DQ, but progress is progress! I hope I'll be able to do it consistently sometime soon, so for now, training and...
  14. ShinsuYavi

    Big Beach House - 130 melee, 40 PM - 12/20, Howell Mi

    Will the Melee Pool results be posted as well? It does not have to be reorganized; the raw data would be fine.
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