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    "You'll need practice if you wanna beat me!" - Ryudo for Smash!

    Hey guys! This will be my very first support thread for a character. I am an avid rpg (and jrpg) fan and I've been recently playing Grandia II a lot. It's a really good rpg and it's really amazing (and surprising) that an HD collection came out on the Switch! So what better way to celebrate this...
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    Underrated DLC Character Requests

    I would say both Qbby and Fawful are some pretty underrated picks. Boxboy is pretty much HAL's next biggest franchise behind Kirby and has been referenced alongside him in his games and whatnot. Not to mention, but three 3DS titles and a collection on the Switch on top of having an amiibo is...
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    The Next 6 DLC Characters

    My predictions in no particular order are: 1. Crash Bandicoot 2. Dante 3. Lloyd Irving 4. Ryu Hayabusa 5. 1 first party character? (Rex being added to promote Xenoblade or Sylux for Metroid Prime 4 perhaps) 6. 1 indie character? I know there will be yet another bombshell (Reimu or Hollow Knight...
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    The Final Five DLC Characters

    My prediction: Pack 1 - Sega/Atlus: Joker (P5) (confirmed already) Pack 2 - Namco: Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia) or Heihachi Mishima (Tekken) (hopefully Lloyd pls) Pack 3 - Square Enix: Geno (SMRPG) or Sora (KH) or Luminary (DQXI) (I hope for Sora, but I think Luminary is most likely due...
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    The "I was wrong" thread

    I'm just happy knowing that I was one of the people who predicted Joker being in Smash.
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    So on a scale of sugar cane farm to salt mines how upset are people that THIS is Real.

    This reveal was so unexpected and surprising that it's just too cool to be mad at this at all. The character looks really unique and fun in terms of playstyle so I actually cannot wait to get my hands on this new character!
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    An Outside of the BOX idea - Qbby for Smash Support Thread!

    So apparently it got leaked that amiibos can be used to unlock characters and guess who has an amiibo, Qbby! Now of course Shovel Knight and Waluigi have amiibos too, but they're still in the game anyways. If this is true and it is a thing that will be implemented in the game, then the chances...
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    The Definitive Lloyd Irving Thread - LLOYD SURVIVES THE SLAUGHTER!

    If Lloyd makes in into Smash, I'm going to lose my mind! I have so much nostalgia for Tales of Symphonia and it's one of my favorite games of all time! COME ON GUYS LET'S AMP UP THE ENTHUSIASM FOR LLOYD!!!!!! He already had a Mii costume dedicated for him in the last game and Namco is helping...
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    Top 10 Most Wanted Newcomers for Smash Switch!

    I'm gonna go at this again: 10. Dark Meta Knight 9. Gooey 8. Geno 7. Skull Kid 6. Qbby 5. Ninten 4. Bandana Dee 3. Marx 2. Lloyd Irving 1. Crash Bandicoot
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    Rampage monsters in Smash! Ralph, Lizzie, and George could it work?

    A better Midway character to be in Smash would perhaps be Peter Pepper from Burger Time I think. That being said, I would absolutely love a Rampage character in Smash, especially Lizzy. Of course I'm only saying this because I'm a huge Godzilla fan so seeing a kaiju in Smash would be excellent...
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    Mirror, Mirror - Dark Metaknight (Alt Costume of Metaknight confirmed!)

    YES! I really want DMK as a Meta Knight echo in Smash Ultimate even more so than Galacta Knight since I loved his reveal for Star Allies. Just like MrElectro up here said before, I have also described that DMK can have the mirror/glass like aspects in his moveset.
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    "Echo Characters"

    Okay so this here is the final product. Here is one echo for each character so far. :ultmario: - Metal Mario: This is really the only viable choice as Paper Mario is too different and we have Dr. Mario back as well. This would be a great throwback to the original Smash when he was a cool...
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    "Echo Characters"

    That's true... Well I guess it really is up to either Alvis or Zanza, but I think I'll choose Zanza. Dunban could be like Pichu where he has the same moves, but hurts himself in the process. Aside from that, due to Dunban being in Shulk's FS already, I may as well choose someone else which is...
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    "Echo Characters"

    You do have a point and perhaps Zanza can fit the whole rival/villain theme as well, but Dunban just seemed more appropriate to me. Plus I'm not well versed in Xenoblade Chronicles, but after doing a little bit of research, Alvis does seem like a good choice. I'd still pick Dunban though as he...
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    I Know Who I'm ROOTing For! Whispy Woods for Smash!

    Now THIS I wood have never seen coming. I guess I'll support. After all, I am a total sap when it comes to the Kirby franchise.
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