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Recent content by Shamsy

  1. Shamsy

    Falcon changes so far:

    Yes we've been discussing that a bunch, he's a lot like a viper lunging out with his grab now lol, can't whiff but same speed. Hell yeah
  2. Shamsy

    Falcon changes so far:

    Further actually lol, and reversed keeps full momentum
  3. Shamsy

    Falcon changes so far:

    All here in a tidy Google doc lol, info gathered at recent open showcase in Spain I I believe. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-54_93KMpPshvwsFoaATCFhI2k_a5N32tbfikSFytFw/edit?usp=drivesdk
  4. Shamsy

    Looks like raptor boost has super armor now

    Great find. Here's to hoping it also applies to vertical one ;)
  5. Shamsy

    Utah Thread - Dead thread is dead

    No u
  6. Shamsy

    Why does SOLID Snake have a beard?

    This isn't Naked Snake/Big Boss so wat?
  7. Shamsy

    Why did you choose your profile pic that you have now?

    Makoto Niijima is BEST girl. That's really the only reason lol
  8. Shamsy

    Let's talk about the FLEX

    I don't know why we're always doomed to have bad recoveries man...But hopefully the power gain on the stage we're getting with the jump squat changes will make up for our ever widening gap of bad recoveries vs the rest of the cast haha.
  9. Shamsy

    Let's talk about the FLEX

    We all thought Clouds aerials looked laggy on his original reveal so I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for Falcon's flex ;3
  10. Shamsy

    Let's talk about the FLEX

    Yeah I've been hoping that's exactly what's happening. Like Mario's F-Smash...SOMETHING similar lol.
  11. Shamsy

    Simon Belmont CONFIRMED PLAYABLE for Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Simon Belmont-exclusive Social Thread!

    Only if he's his Chronicles iteration, don't care for his He-Man look.
  12. Shamsy

    Let's talk about the FLEX

    Kind of looks like he moves forward during the animation?
  13. Shamsy

    Let's talk about the FLEX

    Same man. :(
  14. Shamsy

    Let's talk about the FLEX

    The People's Elbow is now a backhand flex of justice. How does that make you feel?
  15. Shamsy

    Falcone...PAWNCH!!!!! Captain Falcon makes his triumphant return

    People's Elbow has become Falcon FLEX
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