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Shai Hulud
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  • Sorry but I can't post in the melee boards. On your teching topic, good job. It may help my pichu and will make fighting marth much easier.
    Sorry for double posting,
    I just recalled that I have similar trouble short hop double fairing with marth because I think I press the c-stick too early, so the first fair doesn't come out. If possible explain? Also here is my new hand position stats:
    left hand:
    index finger: L
    thumb: control stick
    right hand:
    middle finger: z
    index finger: y
    thumb: a,b,c stick

    I use L for l-cancel, wavedash, and shield
    I sometimes use R for shield (mainly shield dash), which I guess I'll use my right middle finger for as well, I'm still figuring things out.
    Also I've been toying around with using my thumb for x as well, so that I can jc grab with ~100% accuracy, but this might be temporary.
    I've been playing smash casually, but a lot, for the last two or so years. I have most of the basic techs down, but haven't bothered to get down waveshine consistently, multishines, shdl and the like. I recently played a friend who can do all of those things very consistently without a claw, so he could focus on reading me whilst I had to deal with his immense pressure. Anyways it was frustrating, so I've decided I'm going to be more technical. I've tried learning control stick jumping and the y to b slide before and it just seems like my thumb is far too slow, so I read some post on right handed clawing (not the silly left handed colbol claw) and you were the biggest proponent for the right handed claw. I've only just started clawing, but there seems to be a few difficulties and I was hoping you might give me some tips or at least inform me about your experience with clawing. 1) Is it possible to get stuck in your shine if you jump too fast (there is something preventing me from waveshining but not preventing me from wavedashing), 2) short hopping is troublesome as in after 8 hours of practice I'm still only 30-40% consistent whereas I was easily, without thinking, 100% consistent with a normal grip, and 3) what do you do to deal with the wrist pain? There is a tendency to lift the controller up which elevates your right hand position so the wrist is strained, every time I feel it I tilt the controller down, but if you go to tourneys or smashfests or just play for hours forgetting to tilt the controller down is bad news. Have you ever need to apply aid to your wrist like (I assume) a cold pack? Anyways there are a few things that I'm relearning or doing differently like jc grab, jc upsmash, etc. and there are things that I'm learning for the first time like shdl and multishines, so I might ask more questions. If there is a better medium to use than smashboards wall messages please let me know.
    Hey, Shai. I hope you can come to the tournament, but I understand that you do live far away. If anything, though, thanks for showing interest.

    I stole your wall's virginity. :D
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