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  • Samus guide

    Hello today I want to talk about samus. now on my YouTube channel I already made a video on her but today I will go much more advanced. I will skip over what her moves are because that is simply put, annoying so now let’s get started.

    Grab/Arial grab

    Her original grab is a good edge guarding tool along with some others I will mention later her arial grab does very little damage and knockback. However it can be used as a getaway option if followed up with a bomb or missile this is used a lot in low to mid level play. It also is a tether grab which therefore lets you ledge grab with it as you probably know.


    These will be essential when using neutral special when as you probably already know is her best move these will make it easy to do mixups and as a little touch reverses all knockback/di and also is a good threat. One last thing I would like to mention is that it is easy to do on training mode and just get the hang of.

    Charge shot

    This as I mentioned earlier is her best move and I will write down its uses.
    Mixup option, combo finisher, mediocre edgeguard, also as I mentioned earlier a threat, an extra bit of recovery (about on the same scale as little macs K.O punch recovery as a bad option but if necessary then so be it), and finally something you may have never considered is as a stage spike option if you can do a B-reversal it is hard to recover after doing it because of its end lag but it kills at about 20% even less depending on their recovery
    But that is all I really wanted to cover on this.

    Missiles,bombs, and screwattack

    These are the 3 other special attacks samus has. They all do very good things in different ways. I’m gonna start with missiles, these do very consistent damage and have 2 variations super missile and the basic missile. The basic missile does low knockback and is a good edge guard against somebody trying to recover horizontally. The better missile for long range and in my opinion the better one is the super missile and can be used to do it grounded then follow up with a short hop up special and it kills this can be very very useful in many situations. And next up is the bomb this can be an amazing edgegaurd if you simply drop it off the edge it does some seriously good coverage and if you drop one and grap and pummel for a second (hitting when grabbing) it can be an amazing damage-doer and is just a good move to do every once in a while it is also necessary to do when recovering giving you a smaller hit box and making it risky to go below you. Finally the screwattack this is a very good recover option that is very basic yet effective move. It is also a frame 1 move which is very good.

    Basic combos

    Down throw into short hop fair, works from 10-50

    Falling neutral B into throw works at low percents and also the only works if only about 1/4-3/4 charged, Preferably lower.

    This one does approximately 30-40 damage depending on DI and works if the enemy is on a platform at 0-15% the heavier the better and it goes like this, full hop up-air, double jump up-air, up special,

    And finally from 20-40% depending upon character up tilt, nair OR fair
    Either works it just depends on what you are aiming for

    Edge guarding

    Samus can edge guard very well and I will explain with if you opponent recovers high or low. If high use a basic missile and hold shield until you can grab then press A to grab or if the opponent always does a neutral getup then fake it with a down smash. If recovering low drop a bomb and hold shield until you can grab and then throw them towards the blast zone or whatever.


    For spacing which is very important with samus you want to bomb drop while moving away from the opponent then shoot a missile what this does is not let them advance towards you and then they have to retreat a bit too to avoid the missile. However if the opponent is very offensive then charge up a forward or down smash to catch them off guard. (If you want you can replace the missile with charge shot or do the missile then short hop charge shot if needed)


    When recovering drop bombs and recover low her screwattack is hard to punish because of its large frame 1 hitbox. You can also use a tether if you need to switch it up to play it safe. Try not to use charge shot or missile offstage unless if you have stage control then it is somewhat acceptable.


    Samus is a solid character that is slow and forces the opponent to go slow also good luck out there and I hope you learned something bye
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