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  • heey dude
    you know i am makin' a combo vid and i am looking for some people who can record some stuffs for me(cuz unfortunaly i have no recorder)
    would you mind to record some replays for me if you have a recorder, or a capture card??^^
    you would REALLY help me out^^
    hey shadow^^
    don't see ya often on swf ^^

    don't like brawl anymore x'DD
    hey shadowth^^
    you havnt been online for a while huh?
    anyways, greetings!
    your welcome to vm me whenever you come back^^ [IMG]
    yes sir i know
    i'll give it to you when my router is fixed
    ( probably on friday )
    d'you can brawl me then?
    Dun Dun DUUUN!!!
    Just a quick note...: If you wish to carry a vm (visitor message) conversation with someone you should post on that persons profile...because then they receive a notification of it (like you will when you receive this message) and can respond back...:)

    If it's non-linear fashion bothers you can always use the "view conversation" option to see a more one on one stand point about your discussion with said person...

    about people not wanting to fight online anymore...people still fight online..they just don't take it as seriously...due to input delays and small lag moments you can't really get an accurate measure of someone's skill on wifi....

    sorry for being so long winded. I hope you understand the vm system now...:)
    yeah i did.....
    but it's still won't work....anyway! this weekend i will finish this problem!!!!!
    so get ready to lose against me!!! muhahahaha (crazy laugh)
    Um.....i have some problems with my wlan router
    d'you know how i can conent it with my wii???
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