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  • LOL How do you know I don't believe in God. For all you know, I'm conservative a who just hates the far right. lol
    hey man, im all for your group, but im not going to bash democrats in there. Im more than happy to engage in a little debate about issues in America, but the last thing this country needs is hatred towards others, we've got enough of that already. I hope you understand.
    No, I would feel sadness. Hatred is nothing more then ignorance. I'd hate it if McCain was elected, but I wouldn't of hated the supporters. I'd of felt sad that they thought his ideas were the best.
    I live in Texas. you can't get more conservative then that.

    But I don't hate conservatives. Why?

    Because I'm not an immature kid
    People can always rise up, but that doesn't really mean everyone can.

    I guess this is just where we disagree. Personally I like public schools. I don't like that the government is in control of schools, but I don't believe that just because someone is poor they shouldn't be allowed to have education, or say health care or food. I don't support it from an economical standpoint, I support it from a moral standpoint.

    So again, why the hate? Do you hate me?
    But the principles you just said you agreed with, such as competition laws, are socialist in principles. A true free market wouldn't have such things.

    At the same point, you seem to have it in your mind that if someone is poor it's because they're lazy and uneducated. Why do you believe that? Obviously some people are. I agree that if someone has the capability to work, and refuses to do so, they shouldn't expect societies help. But what about the rest?
    Except the higher tax brackets don't drop the rich from being rich. It decreases it, but they're still at the top, it just lowers the amount by which they are.

    Also, no, liberals don't believe the poor should be handed everything on silver platter. They believe that just because someone might be poor doesn't mean they shouldn't have the basic necessities to live. Concepts such as welfare, along with mandatory overtime payment, the 40-hour work week, and minimum payment are all socialist ideas. the US economy is a mixed economy, it combines both socialism and free-market principles. Do you believe that all the socialism parts should be ripped out?
    So you believe that a free market can still have government intervention and still be a free market.

    Why, then, are policies of the Democratic party not capable of matching that definition of still being a free market?
    So, you are in favor of some government control? Such as laws against price fixing and monopolies?
    Free Market rewards the hard working and fortunate. Do you believe that a free market is best with no government intervention, or do you believe that there must be some government in a free market in order to make sure it's kept free?
    What the majority believes doesn't matter on the subject.

    If Liberals are socialist and socialism leads to communism, wouldn't that pretty much mean that free-market leads to anarchy? If socialism inevitably lead to Communism, then why wouldn't the other half of the equation not fall to the same thing?
    Conservative Republican is different from conservative. Conservatism is an ideology, Republican is a political party based on ideas. They don't always mesh up, nor can you redifine Conservatism as what the Republican party says. He's actually more economically conservative then you are and the general Republican party.

    Also, why does loving America mean you hate Liberals?
    Look at any of his post on economic issues or the government. He's a hardcore libertarian

    Also, why the hate
    Eric is probably as conservative as you can get, except for social issues
    It wasn't sarcasm. The thread asked "Does religion promote bigotry", and Eric was saying that your post proved that it did
    Do you realize that the quote you have of Eric in your sig is him making fun of you?
    The Gundam Zeta movies where remade around 2000ish. The quality was top notch even to this day. I think that's where your avi comes from. As it matches the coloring,shading and style.
    Lol. Nice to know your a new Gundam fan. But I actually never saw that picture before.
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