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Recent content by SETHsational

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    The Big MI Discussion Topic

    I've made a thread about Mid-Michigans premiere Ultimate tournament organization here
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    Mid-Michigans premiere Smash Ultimate organization!

    If you live in the Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, or Flint area of Michigan and have been looking for local Smash Ultimate tournaments and offline practice near you, here it is! Tri-City TriHard is Mid-Michigans premiere weekly, and host of other events such as weekly smashfest and regional...
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    Data COME AHWN - Captain Falcon MU Thread

    I was afraid of that. I't's still punishable though. puts her in a bad position above you.
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    Data COME AHWN - Captain Falcon MU Thread

    It seems ZSS's flow chart going in for Falcon generally revolves around nairing and stunning to create safe space away from his shield, with the occasionall nair or zair approach. An interesting tidbit i've found comes in handy is that with characters like zss and sheik, who hae to be falling to...
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