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Recent content by Seraphim.

  1. Seraphim.

    Why I think people still underestimate Roy + Video + AMA/Discussion Thread

    I think he's referring to initial dash length not dash speed. In Smash 4 Roy's initial dash took 17 frames to complete, (Tied for worst in game along with Marcina and Robin) which made dashing with Roy a huge commitment in neutral.
  2. Seraphim.

    Who is Roy's best player?

    HyperKirby, Sethlon and Flow are the most notable Roy players ATM.
  3. Seraphim.

    Roy and Chrom Neutral B is stupid

    Flare Blade having low cooldown isn't a bug, that's how the move worked in Smash 4. Roy players usually use the move as a bait to get people to approach.
  4. Seraphim.

    Merlinus's Caravan: Roy Social

    Ultimate's engine really benefits Roy, SH Fair/Nair should be safe on shield with the reduced landing lag and running Dtilt is also looking to be a strong option for Roy. I expect his neutral to be much better than in Smash 4.
  5. Seraphim.

    Merlinus's Caravan: Roy Social

    Roy landing lag changes: Fair 13 > 8 Nair 11 > 9 (Taken from Chrom footage, but it's probably the same) Bair 16 > 10 Uair 14 > 9 Dair 23 >14 Roy also seems to have gotten damage buffs on some of his moves as well, most likely due to Chrom being a thing.
  6. Seraphim.

    Early Chrom speculation.

    Chrom losing out on Blazer is pretty rough, since he won't be able to mixup his recovery like Roy that could potentially hurt him in certain matchups. With Ultimate's lower landing lag and options out of dash buffing Roy's approach/neutral game it remains to be seen how much better Chrom's...
  7. Seraphim.

    Merlinus's Caravan: Roy Social

    Going off his Character introduction, Roy seems to have been given Ike's Smash 4 sword sound effects and his Final Smash now has the critical sound effect from the GBA FE games.
  8. Seraphim.

    Merlinus's Caravan: Roy Social

    Roy has much more momentum this time around compared to the Pre-Smash 4 days. FEH's CYL poll confirms Roy's high popularity with him being the second most popular male character in FE and top 5 overall, Smash 4 granted him a more unique moveset to differentiate him from Marth and there's also...
  9. Seraphim.

    Q&A Tactical Deployment - Roy Q&A Thread

    Blazer has 30 frames of landing lag, I don't think the move has a FAF since it puts Roy in freefall automatically.
  10. Seraphim.

    Social Roy Social - R O Y B O Y Z

    Roy also suffers from pretty bad misconceptions about him, lots of people keep trying to act like he isn't a swordsman and shouldn't be played like one. I have no idea why people think Roy has to go running full speed into someone to get actual damage, sourspots deal decent damage and knockback...
  11. Seraphim.

    Social Roy Social - R O Y B O Y Z

    Roy dropping was pretty much inevitable given how much people have been adamant about him being overrated and a bottom 5 character.
  12. Seraphim.

    Q&A Tactical Deployment - Roy Q&A Thread

    The general range of Roy's Dtilt causing knockdowns is around 40-60% depending on the character's weight. Fthrow is harder to get a general percent range since you have to factor in DI, rage etc.
  13. Seraphim.

    Ranking moves in Characters (Round 21: Discussing Down-Special)

    Roy's jab is pretty good, Frame 5 deals 7.5%/4.8%. At low percents the move combos into itself, Ftilt, Dtilt, DED or grab, Dthrow also combos into Jab at low percents. Around mid and high percents Roy can start doing Jab > Fair or Jab > Bair which are both fairly good kill setups. Jab > Blazer...
  14. Seraphim.

    Ranking moves in Characters (Round 21: Discussing Down-Special)

    Roy's Dtilt is good, being one of his best options for his Neutral/Ledge trap game. The move hits on frame 7, safe on shield and does 11% damage (6.5% for the sourspot). Dtilt also sends opponents at a low angle which setups tech chase situations at mid and higher percents. PP Dtilt is also...
  15. Seraphim.

    Where does Roy place among the rest of the FE cast?

    Marth is clearly the best Fire Emblem character as of now. Ike, Corrin and Robin also get good results every now and then. Roy's placement among the FE characters basically comes down to how you view Lucina as a character.
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