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Recent content by SegaPlayer404

  1. SegaPlayer404

    Genesis 2 - Zelgadis Speaks

    This response is like 5 years late but I dont care. If outside circumstances are affecting you that badly, maybe just don't play. Even if your "friends" were doing something dubious behind your back, you still did something that was 20 times worse.
  2. SegaPlayer404

    Redesigning/Rebalancing Little Mac

    Why have a star meter when he already has a power meter lifted from the arcade game?
  3. SegaPlayer404

    I'm in a bit of a character crisis.

    While I love Captain Falcon and all his glory, he just seems so commitment heavy and everyone's saying that he was butchered in this game. So, I want to find a character that better fits my playstyle. I like to play rushdown, getting into people's faces and pressing buttons. I also want to have...
  4. SegaPlayer404

    Balanced Melee Project 2.0 -All your dreams are here!-

    To be honest, the only modders who know how to actually balance Melee are too busy playing or modding Smash Ultimate right now.
  5. SegaPlayer404

    Super Salty Smash Story

    I posted this on Reddit already, and I feel like people need to hear this story here as well. It was father's day, so we planned to go to my sister's apartment, and it was literally like a one room apartment if you exclude the bathroom and bedroom. Everything was going fine, played some Jackbox...
  6. SegaPlayer404

    Worst tournament experience?

    You wanna know the worst tournament experience? Smash 4 EVO 2018 Grand Finals. :yeahboi:
  7. SegaPlayer404

    [PM 3.6, PM+BeX] A Starter's Guide on SFX

    I've been trying to find the sawnd file that Young Link uses in Legacy XP. I wanted to preserve his voice clips while replacing regular Link's voice with his OoT/Melee voice. I really need some help, since I can't determine the sawnd id that Young Link uses. Edit: I found it, but I can't for...
  8. SegaPlayer404

    EVO 2018 Discussion Thread for Smash 4

    I strongly think the Smash Community NEEDS to change, because this will most likely carry into Ultimate, and completely ruin that experience as well. It's gotten to the point where the community is not repairable, because it's turned into the same toxic community that everyone ****s on Sonic the...
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