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Sean de Lure
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    BJr 44-72
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    Charizard 35-61
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    D.K. 48-65
    Diddy 46-64
    Dr. M 46-63
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    Samus 38-69
    Sheik 43-65
    Shulk 48-73
    Sonic 43-68
    Toon Link 40-63
    Villager 37-64
    Wario 52-76
    Wii Fit 38-64
    Yoshi 43-68
    Zelda 35-63
    ZSS 43-66

    Here ya go. I wasn't sure how else to get this to you.
    Sean de Lure
    Sean de Lure
    wow thank you so much
    but wouldn't replying to the thread or updating OP work?
    you could use a spoiler to hide the text chunk
    I just didnt want to repost something that was already there in a different format.
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