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    Any locals in Southern Maryland?

    There is a Southern MD tourney series actually. The FB group: :018:
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    Data SSBU Tournament Results

    I only went :ultwolf:. I lost games when I was :ultpalutena: and :ultyounglink:. :018:
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    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    :ultwolf: is OD. :018:
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    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    I'll make it work. I have 3000 ideas for Bair specifically. :018:
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    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    Sick. M2k used clips of me. :018:
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    Social Wolf Social Discussion

    I will be the one to take you down. :018:
  7. Seagull Joe < Discord link. < Discord link.
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    It's Time

    Hey sensei. You're back??? I haven't actually posted on the boards in so long lol. Just felt like posting this cus why not. You want in the Wolf discord? :018:
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    It's Time

    It's time to return to the only character I have ever cared about. The one I spent 1000s of hours on. Prepare for a resurgence. I'm back. :018:
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    I'm hyped for :ultwolf:. Hope I can play the game soon! :018:
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    Data Smash 4 Power Rankings Directory Project 2.0

    He doesn't use :4luigi:. :018:
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    Official 4BR Tier List V3 - Competitive Insight & Analysis

    This list is pretty cool, but it's quite biased for those who do not attend much. Doing well once and then not going to anything else accelerates yourself through the list immensely. As an example, Sonix went to 1 event (Shine) and got 25th, which made his average automatically higher than me...
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    Social Sonic Says: Ultimate

    Gotta go fast. :018:
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    Data Tournament Tracker: Results + Active Stream Hub

    You forgot my :4dk:. :018:
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