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Feb 10, 2018
Mar 6, 2016
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Pennsylvania, USA
Well it isn't glamourous

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Smash Cadet, Male, from Pennsylvania, USA

Regardless of how I start, Regardless of the dark roads I took prior, I strive to eventually reach the Gates of Dawn Mar 6, 2016

ScarletShepherd24M was last seen:
Feb 10, 2018
    1. ScarletShepherd24M
      Regardless of how I start, Regardless of the dark roads I took prior, I strive to eventually reach the Gates of Dawn
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    Home Page:
    Pennsylvania, USA
    Well it isn't glamourous
    Smash 64 Main:
    Melee Main:
    Donkey Kong
    Brawl Main:
    Project M Main:
    Smash 3DS Main:
    Smash Wii U Main:
    Rosalina & Luma
    just another quiet gamer

    I pretty much only play on smash 4 at the moment. Trying to get into the habit of streaming said game and enjoying the players who stumble into my room.

    The Scarlet Shepherd
    I hope no-one minds if I have a tendency to use one character for an extended period of time
    (if matches go over an hour or two in time)
    I mostly prefer being able to work on one character at a time, even if it means the matchup is causing me to lose every match. Though with being able to fight for as long as wanted in the "friends section" I will change up if requested to do so
    The characters in my profile pic are my mains based on how close they are to my mii
    (:4miigun:) barely use it, just for show really

    (:rosalina:) my favorite new smash 4 playstyle to use, and a bit of warning might be using her the most cause I want to work on any new matchup I can find. I guess she's the one I most want to get into competitive with

    (:4lucas:) was my favorite in brawl, but has slipped down a step after I got used to Rosalina before the dlc. So if we go by experience, he's technically the one I spent the most time with(between brawl and smash 4 playtimes) So he's basically a pocket for me. Still a close second favorite for me

    (:4myfriends:) was mostly a free for all main for me at first. With his more recent patches, however, might choose to work on his 1v1 match-ups a bit more seriously

    (:4lucina:) just really enjoy the character and really want to get better as. Gets a bit annoying when I end up just facing people who switch over to marth when I use her and win. Regardless, I have no problem with marth as a character/playstyle, but I just hold lucina slightly higher up as a character for myself.

    funsies(undecided possible mains or secondaries)

    (with customs)


    alright, but to be perfectly honest here, my life story isn't exactly that exciting. Though I suppose an honest retelling is better than nothing at all

    Born in Maryland Pennsylvania, but moved and lived(up till now) in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Spent my elementary and junior high years in Penn Christian Academy. Made a lot of good friends, and a lot of good memories. Spent my time in high school doing an online home-school called 21stcccs. Even though it was a pretty easy time for me, I sadly didn't apply myself as much as I could. I was a person who was able to coast through early school. I don't really consider myself an extremely intelligent person, I mostly just did what I thought was pretty basic/easy for me. Even during my online high-school years, the bare minimum requirements wasn't exactly gonna prepare me for certain subjects later on. I enjoyed the comfort of doing school on my own time, and I really enjoyed any kind of assignment that revolves around reading and writing literary insights. Though as much as I do enjoy writing(I even started my own blog with various reports, poetry, a possible in-working-progress book, ect) I know that making a good career solely around that would be very difficult. So If I can find a way to have a successful career around writing(whether writing reviews/stories/scripts), it would be a nice but ultimately unlikely dream of mine.

    I then started going to community college. Recently finished a small IT associate's degree. I was intended on going into engineering like my father. Though the lack of a proper math background in high school led me through a series rough classes in calculus. Eventually, I decided to lean more towards coding. It started with a little C++ and then straight into java. I'm sorry if I can't go into further detail on this particular matter, but It would probably go on to another page if I did. The ultimate point is that I am getting close to earning my IT (information technology) associates as we speak. Plus with my father passed away, within the last year, it definitely has been more of a dedicated drive to eventually be as helpful with coding like my dad. Though not in the same exact field, the general point still stands.

    I also gained an interest in video editing while I was browsing and watching youtube during my early college years. It's kind of strange that youtube basically became the equivalent of cable tv for me. I've recently started my hand in trying to edit and create videos myself on a youtube channel. Though my biggest problem is self-motivation. It's not that I don't enjoy editing videos, but I think I would enjoy it a little more if I had more of a reason to help others with it. I have my own projects, but I tend to push them aside for long periods of time cause I don't think people would like them. I would enjoy being able to help others with personal requests and building on what little I know about the craft. Hopefully, this isn't that boring to listen to, but youtube has indeed become ingrained in my lifestyle.

    I enjoy earning money doing more manual/retail work. So I guess any and all areas I talk about building on are mostly reserved as hobbies on the side

    I suppose I can describe myself as a quiet person who simply tries to fit in. I honestly view myself as someone who isn't very good with small talk, but I would still try my hardest to be polite and listen to your troubles. I mostly enjoy quiet activities at home like playing video games and reading. When it comes to speaking to another person or having a personal relationship, I'm more of the person who let's the other do most of the talking. It comes with me being a little overly cautious about what I want to say to someone else. Even though I'm generally very quiet when it comes to small talk. I do have a more stubborn side if I absolutely feel like I have to say something. So I prefer talking with a purpose, over small talk. I value my alone time, but I understand that I do need to try reaching out more.


    Twitch.tv Username:


    Mains: (:rosalina::4lucas:) Secondaries: (:4myfriends::4lucina:) 4Fun: (:4shulk::4corrinf::4darkpit::4falco:

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